Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy (belated) Birthday to me

So, one random day last week was my birthday.
(No, I am not sharing the day. Or my age.)

I had a pretty good birthday too. 
I met up with my mom the day before, did some shopping, had lunch together, and got to see my dad.
My husband took me out for dinner on my birthday, and my in-laws watched baby for us, so it could be a quiet dinner. And I got presents. 

My mom got me some new bedsheets and some candles. And felt pretty bad about the crappy presentation of her gift because the bag ripped down the side.

I got some cool socks, nail polish, and a note pad (plus free babysitting) from my husband's family.

And my husband and baby got me two Willow Tree figurines.
Guardian Angel and The Quilt. 
Leaving the items in the Hallmark bag and giving me them right after he bought them (2 days before my birthday), and used a 40% off coupon; That's my husband.

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