Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Anniversary ... to us

So, a month ago (yup) my husband and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary.
(Again, yup)
4 years!
In the last 4 years we've accomplished quite a bit, too:
My husband has had really good jobs,
I was teaching, then able to be a housewife after we married,
We rented a home for 2 years while we saved money -
Then were able to buy our first house,
We also started a family,
And bought a new car.

So, to celebrate our 4 year anniversary we enlisted the help of babysitter Grandma & Auntie B,
had a nice dinner at Outback Steakhouse, and did some shopping.
Hubs ordered himself his gift ahead of time (a personal protection item to add to his collection)
and for me:

iPad mini.
White, 64 GB.

I'm spoiled, I know.
Although, technically it's a 'family' purchase.
It's just mine.
Hubs has a Kindle. And I'm not about to let a toddler play with it.

I debated the Kindle Fire, and the iPad -
iPad won.
I wanted something that could work with my computer, but not replace it, yet still give me some of the same functionality. The Kindle was just a bit too restricted for me. But a good 2nd choice (And very worth the price for its functionality. They both are).

But I love the iPad. I use it for pretty much everything throughout the day.
Since I basically just check my email, facebook and ebay/amazon.
So far I learn something new everyday still.
(I just figured out making folders on it)
I still haven't figured out how do my blog posts on it yet, I can't load pictures into the posts.
And it's nice not using my laptop all the time, since it goes slow, locks up, overheats, and the battery dies after 30 minutes.

I think I like my husband, I'll keep him for a bit longer :-D