Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge - Day 20

Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

1 -  I remember the year I learned there was no Santa. I was 9 years old. Santa had brought me an American Girl doll. The exact one I wanted, it looked like me. And I got lots of clothes and accessories for her from Santa and everyone else. And then my Nini told me that my parents bought her for me. They tried to cover, and say that sometimes they bought us a bigger special gift to put out with the other presents and Santa things, but it didn't quite work. And at first I was a bit upset, but it was ok, because I knew a secret my little brothers didn't, and I got to help my mom pick out their 'special gifts' and wrap presents. And I still got special "santa presents" too.

I also remember when I figured out their was no Easter Bunny. I was about the same age, maybe 8?, it was probably right before the No Santa incident. I was staying with my grandparents and the Easter bunny visited both houses (apparently there was a miscommunication there). At my parents house, in my basket, he gave me candy and toys. At my grandparents house, he put the juice, carrots and celery I left him back in the fridge, and left me one of my Nana's baskets with crayons, a coloring book, and some Avon samples/items. Hmmmm....

2 - I remember when my youngest brother was born. I was 7 1/2 years old then. It was the morning after Christmas, my dad got me and my brother up and told us we were going to go with his sister and stay with our grandma, because mom was probably going to have the baby that day. And about 7 hours later, she did. There were lots of family members at my grandma's house - not because of the baby, but her sister and that side of the family was visiting for the holiday. Once my dad called as said my baby brother was here, and we could visit that evening we all loaded up in the car (and I mean all - 2 grandparents, Nini, me, brother 1, and at least one of my dad's sisters)  and rode down to see him and my parents. And since he was born the day after Christmas, I remember having to un-decorate our house before my mom came home. That was the only year I remember having a 'real tree' (despite the fact that it was a cedar tree), and us having to try to get it outside. I'm pretty sure it got shoved through the front door and laid on the sidewalk/yard for my dad to deal with.

I vaguely remember when the older of my little brothers was born (brother 1). I was 3 years old at the time, so I really don't remember too much of my mom being pregnant, or seeing him at the hospital or anything. I do know I went to the hospital, there are pictures, but I also remember my Nini being up at my grandparents, and them telling me I had to eat all of my food before I could see the baby, and putting me in a very nice dress so I would look pretty for the baby.
(For a reference point - this is the same grandma who had us dress up in "Sunday best" to eat at Country Cookin' in the mid-90's)

3 - When brother 2 broke his arm. K was maybe 3 at the time. He had fallen off of the Little Tykes playset we had, and had a hairline fracture in his arm, so we didn't really 'know' his arm was broken. He fell and said his arm hurt, but, he was little, so everything hurts and usually gets better. He went the entire rest of the day not using his arm, even to eat, so my mom took him to the ER just to be sure he was ok. And he came home with a sling and his arm wrapped up. I remember him having a dinosaur sling at one time, but that might have been the 2nd one he got, once he went to the Dr.  He was the only child to break a bone in our family, and is perfectly healthy now.

Brother 1 was rambunctious, and always hurting himself, yet never broke anything. There were several times my mom thought he had broken his nose, diving head first into things, literally, yet he never did. He was the child that if you said 'No, S, don't touch the hot stove, it will burn' he would do it anyway, just to see and be sure.

I was the always sick child. I was always sick. Ear infections, colds, etc... I always had them. And then I would get allergies, so it was like year after year of sickness.

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