Saturday, June 9, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge - Day 9

List 5 people who have had an impact on your life, and how. 

1) My Nini.
Nini was my great-grandmother. She had amazing strength and courage. She lived through the depression. She lost her mother as a small child. Her father could not afford all the children, so she was 'farmed out', sent to work for other families. As a teenager she worked as a maid for a family in Arlington, who took her in and sent her to school so she could have an education and graduate. She met her husband Ted, and got married at the age of 22. Ted enlisted in the Military, to fight in WWII, leaving behind his small daughter and pregnant wife. Ted died fighting for his country, leaving behind his small daughter, a newborn daughter he never would meet, and his wife of only 3 years. Nini worked hard to give her daughters a life better than she had. She never remarried, choosing to raise her children as a single mother with the help from friends and family. She never moved her family, she lived in the house her and Ted had together until she could no longer live alone. She dealt with so many issues, alone, yet had more emotional strength and love than anyone I know. From her I have learned the incredible strength women can have. And that life is what you make of it. I feel so sad, no longer having Nini here with us, but I know she is so happy now, she is finally with her husband again and is watching over us smiling.

2) My parents.
I probably should have put them first, but I thought of Nini first, so oh well.
Stating the obvious, without my parents, I wouldn't be here.
But, also, without the parents I have, I would not be the person I am today. They raised me to be a smart, independent person. They taught me that I could do anything I wanted to do. If I wanted to be a housewife, that was ok. If I wanted to become a pharmacist, that was great too. They taught me to never settle for less than I deserve, and that I could achieve anything I wanted if I applied myself.

3) My husband.
I have been with my husband for about 6 1/2 years now, and married for 3 of those years. Without him I wouldn't be a wife and mommy. He has shown me just how much you can love someone. He supports me in anything I do. Besides, he's my husband - he showers me with love and blessed me with a cute baby boy. I'd say that's a big impact.

4) G-dawg.
This was the nickname for my adviser at Germanna. Of all my teachers at Germanna, he was by far my favorite. The day he left was such a sad day for me. He was an adviser, and a teacher, but in many ways he was also a friend. He was one of the teachers who actually understood the students he worked with, he didn't speak at you, he spoke to you and with you. If you ask his advice, he gave it to you straight forward, he didn't try to sugar coat things into a fake reality. He would point out situations and scenarios to get you thinking, and actually help you work through decisions, but keep you laughing at the same time. Before he left, he advised me not to get the early childhood education degree (which is what I was looking at), and told me unless my goal was to work in a daycare forever and change diapers I needed to pick something else. And at first I was so upset. I had always wanted to work with small children .... but I am so glad I didn't get that degree. He made me think about what I wanted in life, and what my potential really was.
I also remember my first visit to GCC, which is when I met him and a few other counselors, I was enrolling in classes, and one of the advisers was upset I hadn't taken their "new student" orientation. How could I know what classes I should take? Had I even taken placement tests yet? Well, after explaining I had sent my SAT scores to them (and was well beyond their placement test expectations) and that I had basic reading comprehension and could choose my own courses, they agreed to help me. Since some of the classes I wanted were already filled, we had to rearrange a few things, which is how I ended up with Mr. Myers (g-dawg) as a teacher/adviser (and not the one who was helping me, thank goodness). G-dawg caught my laziness (not wanting to take calculus, and settling for a repeat of pre-calc.) and my lack of interest in rocks (they tried pushing a night geology class, since chemistry was 'hard' and they apparently missed the fact that I had already taken AP chem in high school as well). He also dressed as Bernie for halloween. That made him pretty awesome in my book.
5) Julie P.
Julie was the teacher I worked with when I was at StL. She was an awesome mentor, coworker and friend. Working with her, I learned a lot about teaching and education, as well as dealing with the kids and their nutty parents. I got to learn a lot about the private school sector while I was there. I got tons of teaching ideas from her, so homeschooling my kids will be much easier. She taught everything in a way that was educational, but also fun and interesting for the kids (and us). I learned many (many, many) a thing working with her. I'm pretty sure we also both went partially insane in our classroom (due in part to it's horrible location during my last 2 years), so we've got that too.

I like to think every person you encounter impacts your life in someway, even if it's just a tiny amount.

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  1. I kind of teared up at your post about your Nini. What an amazing woman to have in your life. It sounds like she was truly a blessing. :-)


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