Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Sprouts

There are even more sprouts today .... Look at that middle one .... Tomato :) Cantaloupe, peas, even some lettuce and squash were starting to peek through. I'm a pretty happy camper about my budding garden.
I will be an even more happy camper if we ever get a house with a yard I can plant them in.
We are beyond ready for all our house drama to be over. We should have closed on it back in March, and yet, here we are, still waiting on the bank ... gah! Breathe ... one day ... eventually ...

My makeshift garden : 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Look

I figured out how to change around the look of my blog. Other than just the background.
What do you think??

A glimmer of hope ...

I walked outside this morning, to get the newspaper, and found this:

A vast assortment of seedlings that have sprouted, just waiting for me to water them. There are still a bunch waiting to sprout, but we have a small assortment starting to grow. Cucumbers, beans, spinach, and some herbs - to name a few things. :) Makes me very happy. I can't wait to see some tomato sprouts. I also can't wait to have a yard to plant them in.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Thursday was a beautiful day. Just perfect for visiting Monticello. Mid-60's, partly cloudy, slight breeze. And a ton of tourists and children off school on spring break. boo. After getting a not as early as hubs and I would have liked start on our journey to Monticello, we arrived to find the parking lot pretty full - and that should have been a tip off as to the rest of the day. We stopped on our way from the parking lot to look at the African-American Graveyard, then headed up to buy our tickets.

We waited in a not-too-bad line, got ask a few questions about why we were visiting and if we had visited before - then finally got in to purchase our tickets and ... the Behind The Scenes Tour was sold out. Completely sold out!!! The tour we were super excited about and hubs became instantly bummed about not being able to do. And, we bought our tickets at somewhere around 11:00am - they were sold out until 2:50pm for the regular house tour. We bought those tickets. So we had 3+ hours of time to wander around Monticello.

So, we went to watch a short film about Thomas Jefferson. Which was pretty good, and informative, until the last 5 minutes and the picture of Obama. Did he really need to be in the film? No. Not really.

After the film we walked around the museum, looking at all the cool things about TJ and his homestead. We also looked at the bronze plantation scaled replica and took a quick snack break. Then went up to take pictures with the man himself :


Then we boarded the shuttle-bus, and up the mountain we went.
Since we still had plenty of time, we walked the grounds. Toured the Garden, walked Mulberry Row, visited the dependencies, where the kitchen and smoke house and such were. Just waiting for our house tour time to start.

The house tour went pretty well. As well as can go when you're on your like, 5th, house tour of Monticello. The one new thing .... they painted the dinning room. It was once a light blue, and now, a bright yellow color. They had found chips of paint in the yellow color, and had it dated to TJ's time, or something like that. Unfortunately, they don't let you take pictures inside the house. bummer.
All-in-all the day was very fun, and I think everyone enjoyed getting to tour the house. Hubs and I are hoping to go back soon (maybe this fall?) and take the Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the house, and really see everything.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How does your garden grow ?

I have planted all of my seeds, now we're waiting for them to sprout. And waiting on a yard to plant them in.
We also have a bunch of tulips and hyacinths that have been blooming, and will be planted at our new house. I love the look and smell of hyacinths and tulips are always pretty.

This year I planted a whole ton of seeds, just to see what sprouts, and what we like and don't like for future years. Hopefully by the end of next week our little seeds will start sprouting.

We've got : Morning Glorys, Lupine, Bachelor Buttons, Strawflower, Sunflower, Birdhouse Gourds, Small Sugar Pumpkins, Jack O'Lantern Pumpkins, Watermelon, 2 types of Cantaloupe, Table Queen Squash, Zucchini, Butternut Squash, 2 types of Cucumbers, Lettuce, Spinach, Peas, Carrots, Garden Beans, Kentucky Beans, Cherokee Wax Beans, Sweet Corn, Green Peppers, Mixed Bell Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Sweet Banana Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes and Rutgers Tomatoes, Chives, Basil, Parsley and Cilantro.   I'll add some pictures once they start sprouting. I think I am most looking forward to the Tomatoes and the melons.
What sounds good to you???

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ugh - April?

So, it's April. And I suck at blogging. Neither of these should come as a surprise to anyone. I'm not finding blogging to be as stress-relieving as I thought it would be. Probably because the number 1 source of stress to me, is something I'm not going to blog about (or, well, really talk about). So - I will blog about other things.
So, it's after the end of March ... and .... we still don't have a house. Maybe the end of April? Maybe? (please oh please, the end of April!) ... We've been dealing with a bunch (and bunch and bunch) of bank junk. Getting a simple home loan shouldn't be this complicated or take this long - yet, if you're young, and have super-little debt - they make it so much harder for you. I'm sorry we believe in a debt-free lifestyle. Our bad.
So, I guess we just get another month of waiting around, and deciding on big house decisions. Like flooring and paint colors and where my garden should go :) . Yup. Garden. I've been working on starting my seeds, so that by the time we 'move' I will have little sprouts I can plant. Tomatoes, Peppers, Melons, Squash, Corn, Flowers - I'm trying an assortment of things. But no root veggies or Lettuce. I'm not sure how easy those are to grow. Any advice on those??   And, any house suggestions? :) We're going to need all the advice and help we can get. Just good advice and help though :-P On the bright side, I've started (slowly) packing up the things we're not going to be needing. I also don't have room to store the things I'm boxing up. Dilemma.

Hmmm ... I also started "exercising" today. Yeah, random day to start. We got this Wii game for exercising (not wii-fit) that I did : 15 min Cardio, 15 min Yoga, then went for a 20min walk at the park. Felt pretty good to get up and moving around. It also made me feel like a lard-butt : I could barely keep up with the game, and it was on easy :(  Oh well, I know I will get better in time. And this aching in my legs will eventually subside. Tomorrow will be an easy day - 15 mins and a walk hopefully, after my orthodontist appointment.

I haven't done any good crafting in awhile. We've been dealing with house stuff and such - I just haven't felt like doing much. My americana quilt is just sitting in the dinning room, waiting for the other half to be pieced, so I can bind it and be done. 3 baby blankets are just waiting for top-stitching so I can put them on ArtFire, but I have 0 motivation there too. I'd love to make a ton more, and sell at a craft show sometime, if anyone would actually buy them.

I wanted to leave you with something awesome, and I was going to link to a cool Easter project (it involves glitter) but instead .... there is this :
Household Binder : IHeartOrganizing  a wonderful family organizer. It makes me want to reorganize everything.