Saturday, August 27, 2011

What a bargain, baby!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a bargain hunter.  I love a good bargain. I don't care if I'm saving 50 cents or $5.00, I just love saving money. { Are there people who don't like to save money? }  I coupon, I clearance shop, I "free ship" stuff from Amazon, I freecycle and craigslist shop, I yard sale, and I thrift shop. {Anyone who eats at our house knows having 'name-brand' food is kinda rare, must have been a serious sale and/or coupon}
Anywho - I would love to share all of my awesome bargains and brag about all the cheap stuff (and, maybe I will start, periodically) - but it's far too much of an undertaking for tonight. And I think people would get bored quick.

Now, as any of the like 10 readers I have know (or, should know), we are expecting our first baby this winter - so, a lot of my bargain hunting has been for baby gear. Specifically gender-neutral baby gear. Which tends to be a bit hard, everything is super girly, or very boyish, or gender-neutral, but still a bit boyish or boring.  Well, one of the gender-neutral items I can buy ahead of time is a baby bath tub. Simple enough, except there's only like a gillion to choose from. I mean, really. I had a few I was thinking about, but still, it's $20-$30+ for a plastic tub to put the baby in so they aren't sitting in the kitchen sink.
Fisher-Price Whale of a Playtub             Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

This is one of the tubs I was thinking about. They make it with and without the toy bar, but it's about $25 for the 1st one on Amazon, which could score me free shipping (which, I get anyway for being part of AmazonMom).  OK - so, here's the bargain :

I bought this tub, same as above tub, without the toy bar, for 99 cents. yup! $1.05 after tax. A little bleachy cleaner and clorox with some elbow grease, and it's as good as new.  I am quite happy with this bargain.
Although, my best bargain so far is getting our baby stroller for free.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Craft Land

I have been working on getting all of my craft stuff organized into one area, and getting things to where I can find and use them if I'd like to, so, here is my new craft land :

Now that's all fine and dandy, I can find everything, I know where things (sort of) are - except, there is one problem ...

Please ignore all the stuff in our messy basement. :)

You see, there are only 2 plugs on this half of the basement. 1 is by my washer & dryer, and is what I have a lamp plugged into for doing laundry, and where I plug in the iron when I need to. The other plug is next to the panel box, and is where I charge the batteries for the drill and such. Either way, both plugs are over there, and, not in craft land. Which makes it a little bit hard to sew, with the no power supply and what-not. So, I will have to resort to sewing at the dinning room table upstairs, I suppose.  This is semi-important because I have a sewing project to work on and get finished in the next few weeks. This is the material for it, already cut, waiting to be sewn. Any guesses??  (PS - It's not for us)

Moose and Goose and Bears, Oh My!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An un-wanted visitor

Everyone in my family has some wildlife critter they love. I like all the critters, but I especially like (most) birds. Sure, they nest in your trees and poop on your car - but, they're pretty good otherwise, and they sound pretty. {Side note : I don't like black birds, crows, vultures ... you know, the ugly birds}

I have been leaving out a dish of sunflower seeds for my little cardinal couple to snack from, since cardinals love sunflower seeds, and I enjoy having them on my deck to snack. However, something must have tipped off Mr. Squirrel to the free food supply. Now, I don't mind squirrels, as long as they are nice to my bird friends, and don't chew anything on my car - we're cool. Hubby, however, calls squirrels rodents with bushy tails, and considers them to be the rats of woodland critters. He views them as evil little things, and doesn't want me encouraging them to hang around our house (aka: stop feeding them). I've only seen Mr. Squirrel once on the back deck, and my presence didn't stop him from filling up, he was quite comfy snacking.

Now, please ignore the audio (Or, just mute your computer) - I held my hand over the mic/speaker so you wouldn't hear our TV noise in the background.

I also got to see the Cardinal Couple eating together for once. They are so cute!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Wednesday Waffle Day

Wednesday was Waffle Day. Only because Jade at The Letter 4 is posting a series of switching out the white for whole wheat in your foods. So, because her waffles looked so delicious, I had to make them (being preggers and hungry may have aided in the desire for waffles). So, hop over to The Letter 4 and read Jade's post: The White Fight #1 -- Substituting Whole Wheat Flour for White .  Don't those waffles look good? And the cookies, too?!!
Now, I am a lazy cook. My waffles are made from Jiffy Bake, or Heart-Smart Bisquick (depending where I shop). So for me, it's got to be a ridiculously easy recipe or it's not getting made, especially in the morning. Luckily, these waffles are crazy easy, and taste super great too. I made mine with a side of turkey bacon, and had a happy belly.

I also made enough waffles to freeze and eat later :)


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Cardinal Couple

Sine we live in the country, and have woods, we have tons of furry critters around our house. Birds, squirrels, snakes and lizards. I've seen a few chipmunks, and I'm sure there are some deer somewhere. But, my favorites are this cute little cardinal couple who hang out behind our house. I keep a bird feeder on my back deck, and the cute little cardinal couple spends lots of time there. They hardly ever eat together though - one will eat while the other keeps watch, then they switch places. Today I did see Dad bird eat, then take Momma bird some seeds while she was keeping watch.  I'm not sure if they have a bird family or not (they're the only cardinals I've seen), but I call them Dad and Momma bird anyway. 

Daddy bird

Momma bird

They were just out there eating while I was typing this up. How cute :)