Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY: Oxyboost

The oxyboost. 
The last in my little laundry series (because I don't make our own soap). 

I didn't take any pictures of the process, but it's nothing super special.
You need:

Spray bottle OR empty bottle with 'squirt spout'
(think: body wash, dish soap, etc.. bottle - easy to pour)
hydrogen peroxide
baking soda
{If you have a non-see-through bottle, that's better}

For an in-wash booster:
In your bottle mix 1 part peroxide & 1 part baking soda.
(ex: 1/2 cup peroxide to 1/2 cup baking soda)
 It will gurgle a fizz up, so let it do that (wait a few hours...), then put the cap on your bottle.

For a stain treater:
Same as above, but add 1 cup water for each 1 cup of solution.
You can use this as a stain spray, for pre-treating, or an overnight soak. 

Make both of these in 'small batches' (enough for one laundry day), since they loose their effectiveness over time. 

I've been using it as an in-wash booster, and have had no problems with it, but be sure you test it on fabrics before dumping it in your washer.
(It did remove most of a set-in puree sweet potato stain from a white onesie)
We have also used it to help clean up stains on the carpet, and it removed sticky red strawberry soda from a white fuzzy baby blanket. 

If you're wanting something stronger, use washing soda in place of the baking soda. It is a much 'stronger' soda. 

Another tip - if you're wanting to make larger batches of this to use as an in-wash stain treatment, store your mixture in a dark container (something non-see-through. Like the hydrogen peroxide bottle......). 
This will help your mixture last longer.
(You could also make the stain spray and store in a solid bottle, if you have one) 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY : Dryer Sheets

The homemade dryer sheets.
I saw these on pinterest a while back, but was a bit skeptical of how well it would actually work. 
Well, it works just as well as my store bought Bounce dryer sheets. 
And it's super easy, and relatively cheap. 

You will need some washcloths (or old towels cut to squares), some liquid fabric softener, a bucket, and some place to let the rags dry over night.

I used old washcloths, and some downy fabric softener. 

The Downy I used was just the smallest bottle Walmart had, and I used 1/2 bottle to make 6 rags.
(So, in theory you could use one bottle to make 12, or more)

Honestly, you want a rag that isn't super soft plushy and absorbent.
(So don't go break the bank buying Vera Wang wash rags)
Mine are something similar to these at Walmart.
(I bought mine a few years ago from Target though, the back to college stuff)
Just a cheap, basic wash cloth.
(If you're really feeling frugal, check the dollar tree!)

In a bucket, pour in your fabric softener. Now add your wash rags and let them absorb the fabric softener then ring out your rags, very well (you may have to do your rags in 2 parts, or do this a few times). The rags will have a weird slimy film feel to them. Let them dry over night (you can lay flat, or hang to dry). Now fold and store in a container or basket next to your washer and dryer. 

I have been using the same cloth for about a month now, and it still smells great, and is leaving our clothing nice and soft and static free (granted, we don't have any sweaters yet...). I do 3-4 loads of laundry a week, plus sheets every 2 weeks. That's 14-18 loads on one sheet. In theory, with 12 sheets, 1 a month - you could make dryer sheets once a year and be fine! However, I'm sure during the winter months they will dry out a bit faster, with the bulky, static-y sweaters and all. 

I use them on our sheets, our towels, our clothing, the baby's clothing ....
They have worked fine on everything.
So far, I haven't had any weird staining from the fabric softener.
I have also seen on pinterest you can do this using your homemade fabric softener, but I haven't tried it. 

Up next - The homemade Oxy-boost.
(It's even easier than this was!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY: Homemade Fabric Softener

I am a huge fan of fabric softener. 
I love having soft, snuggly clothing and bedding. 
I also don't like paying a ton of money for it. 
Or having to keep 3 different kinds of softener around the house.
(And yet, I still do...)
We also have well water, and with using the cheaper softeners, I've noticed a weird 'film' building up on some of our clothing (like jeans, they have this weird soft but slick feeling sometimes).
So, I wanted something that would work well with our well water, be safe for our clothing and bedding, for baby's clothing and bedding, and safe to use on our towels too.
(Did you know liquid fabric softener reduces your towels absorbancy? It is also not safe to use on baby items, it affects it being fire-retardant. )

Monday, September 17, 2012

Busy Weekend

Did you know that this past Sunday (aka: yesterday) was Wife Appreciation Day? 
Old Navy told me so via Facebook, so it's obviously true.

And so, in honor of Wife Day, my husband bought himself a gun safe. And some ammo. 
{Guns are an investment. They keep our family safe. We need more ammo to shoot in them. And the safe, well, keeps them safely stored. With the exception of our self defense weapons. So don't try to break in over here.}

So, that's sort of a wife present. 
Especially since it is in our downstairs, and now Hubs can clean his guns down there. Instead of on the dinning room table. I like having a gun-free dining room. 

But yesterday was day 2 of my truck riding around. 
We spent Saturday in the truck, too. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cleaning Vinegar

I found this little bit of happiness at my local Walmart. 

Only $1.25/bottle. 
Which, is a 1 gallon bottle.
And, it's 6% Vinegar (food grade is 5%). 

This makes me a little excited to try all of the cleaning with vinegar pins I've been seeing. 

Yes, my receipt says "Creeper $3.25".
No, I didn't buy a creepy person at the Walmart.
It's a onesie for the little man of the house.
So's the jumpsuit. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Bills & Budget Binder - Reveal

About a week ago, I posted about working on a bills & budget binder.
{If you missed it, you can read it here}
I had found the pin on pinterest, and wanted to try it out for our family, with a little modifying. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project Pantry : Part 2

Ahh... The Pantry.
Did you catch the first part to this post?
If not, you can read it {here}.

This pantry cabinet has seriously been the biggest pain!
We bought it at the beginning of July, and it took us over a month to finish it.
Ok, first, we were working on it evenings and weekends.
Second, We were also working on it in our basement.
Thirdly, We've never really done any furniture finishing before.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kitchen Oil & Vinegar Bottles

Custom Kitchen Oil & Vinegar Bottles

I wanted something cute in my kitchen to hold some oil, and my vanilla. I never use vinegar when cooking. So I needed some oil and vanilla bottles. For some reason I had never bottle an oil bottle.