Monday, June 11, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge - Day 11

Describe 10 Pet Peeves That You Have.

Ugh! I have so freakin' many 'pet peeves'. Seriously. So many things aggravate me.
So I will try to pick my 'top 10'. For right now.

1 - Annoying / Bad Drivers.
I am not a mind reader, use a turn signal. Speed limit - drive it, I don't have all day. If I am driving 5 over the speed limit already, back off my bumper. If you can not talk on the phone and drive, get off the phone.

2 - Rude People / Those Lacking Manners.
 If I walk in front of someone, I say excuse me. If I am leaving/ going in to a building, I hold the door for others. If someone does something for me, I say Thank You.
Please, Thank you, Excuse me, Sorry.

3 -People Who Don't Dress to be in Public.
Ugh! I rolled out of bed, put on clothing, then ventured out. So should you. Sleep pants are not appropriate attire to wear in public. Neither are bedroom slippers, curlers, robes, and (generally) sweat suits. And men, your pants are sized with both a waist size and an inseam, that is what those two numbers are (waist x inseam/length). Now that you know, buy pants that fit appropriately.  Ladies, dress your age. And in your correct size as well, please. If you have 2 teenaged children half your size (and age), stop borrowing their clothing.

4 - Nosy People.
I hate when people butt-in to something that does not concern them. Or ask a million questions.

5 - Super Control Freaks.
Ok, I have no problem with regular control freaks. I'm a bit of a control freak myself (imagine...). I don't like people who are so controlling, they start trying to control other people's lives. Or letting their controlling-ness interfere with other people. You know, the ones who have to have their way, all the time, no matter what.
{The exception to this would be parents controlling their (non adult) children's lives. They earned that right.}

6 - Parents Who Do Not 'Watch' Their Children.
and Parents Who Don't Parent.
I saw plenty of both when I was working.
However, I hate trying to shop and having to dodge children running around as if the store is a playground. And usually the parent (if anywhere near the kids) is on the phone (otherwise they aren't even around). And, yes, I will make loud (probably rude) comments, but I'm sorry, I'm playing frogger with your old enough to know better child vs. my full Walmart cart. And I can win if you would prefer.  
 Secondly, Discipline your children. Whatever works for you, just use it. You are the parent after all. Try setting an example.

7 - Kids With Cell Phones.
 I don't get what kids need phones for. I really don't. I got to share a cell phone with my mom when I was in high school. What does an 8 year old need with an iphone, or any phone really?
Then again, I guess they need it so you can find them after they run off in the store to play frogger.

8 - Disorganized, Chaotic Messes.
I am not the most organized person on the planet. I know. And I like to collect stuff. And our basement is unfinished, so a lot of stuff is still in boxes, stored in the basement or our spare room (due to the mice). But I generally know where everything is. And I hate that I am still not organized how I would like everything to be.
I do not do well with messes. It drives me nuts. Seriously. I am always looking for ways to better organize things around here. I hate just seeing piles of clutter, un-organized papers laying around, stuff that should be trash just sitting.

9 - Compulsive Needs To Buy Everything New.
I enjoy getting a good bargain. And I enjoy finding something used and being able to use it again and give it new life. So I really don't understand people who have to have everything brand-spankin' new. There are certain things I will buy new (food, underwear, mattress, major appliances ... ). But we save a ton of money buying used, second-hand items (our cars, most of our baby items, clothing ...). And I hate seeing people just throw away perfectly good items. Donate them (most places give tax receipts) and let someone else get some use out of it.

10 - Husbands.
When I told my husband what today's post was, he said "Me". And, he is just a little right. I told him that he himself is not a pet peeve, but he does have a few annoying habits. Would I change any of them? Yes and No. They make him who he is, and I don't agree with trying to force change on anyone. Would it be nice if he tidied up behind himself sometimes? Yes. Or put his dishes in the sink? Yeah. Or help me when he sees/knows I need help, without being ask? Double Yes.
But do I love him exactly how he is? Yeah.

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  1. I love all of these! Especially the one with parents who don't parent and kids with cell phones. I didn't have a cell phone until I started driving by myself and even then it was a pre-paid one! Kids these days get everything. How ridiculous is that?! haha


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