Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge - Day 13

Describe 5 Weaknesses You Have.

I decided to ask my husband for help on today and tomorrow's posts.
I'm not good at thinking about myself.

1 -Frustration & Patience.
I am very easily frustrated. Tiny minor things can upset me and bother me forever. And I am very impatient. If I am trying to do something and it's taking longer than I had anticipated, I get very impatient and frustrated.

2 - Animals.
Every animal I see is a cute, cuddly critter that I'd like to make a pet (excluding most bugs, and snakes). I'm quite surprised we don't have a million pets yet.

3 -Time Management.
I have horrible time management skills. Horrible. I can almost never be on time for anything. I am also a very bad judge of time. 10 minutes, 1 hour, they're about the same, right?

4 - Ice Cream.
How can ice cream be a weakness?
I love it. I love ice cream and milkshakes and their yummy goodness. I am also lactose sensitive/intolerant - so their yummy-ness leaves me feeling icky. And yet I have to eat it anyway. And suffer. Which I am doing now (Chick-fil-a with their banana cream pie milkshake!)

5 - My desire to please others.
{This is both a strength and a weakness.}
I tend to place other people's needs before my own, and care more about other people's opinions than my own. Often times this can lead to the people around me being happy, but I may not truly be happy.

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