About AmyEmu

 ~ Updated 2015 ~

Hi! I'm AmyEmu,
An almost-30 year old home schooling mommy to one and house wife.
I was born and raised in Virginia, and currently live about 30 minutes from my home town, in an even smaller town. Food Lion and Dollar stores. The nearest Target is 30 minutes away, Hobby Lobby is about an hour.

When I'm not keeping things tidy at home, or playing and having school time with my now toddler, I enjoy lots of hobbies, including baking, sewing, scrap booking, and photography.
Our family also enjoys traveling, and taking little adventures. But, I'm afraid of flying, so it's always somewhere we can drive to. 

Us at New River Gorge - Sept. 2013.

I also enjoy sporadically blogging about our life and adventures, projects I've been working on, or something yummy we've cooked up.

- Timeline - 

 Many years ago, back in community college, I met a pretty awesome guy, John, who happened to be quite nerdy, to balance out my complete dork-ery.
We dated, fell in love, and knew we had found 'the one'.
I graduated community college first (I'm older than him ... gasp.), and went on to work at a private school while pondering getting a bachelors degree, in something.
He graduated community college the following year, and went straight in to classes toward a degree from Old Dominion University. He also started interning at the company his father is with, and saved up his money to buy me a ring. We got engaged in May 2008.  John graduated with a B-IDS from ODU in December 2008, and started a semi-great job a week later.
This job had him driving 1 1/2 hours each way to work, and he was on a shift schedule 11-7. So, in March 2009, he moved to my home town, and started renting a house to make our own.
(And a few months later he was able to switch to a better schedule)

On a freakishly warm April afternoon we were married at a local park, by my husband's grandfather, in front of our families. We celebrated with friends, then began our new life as husband and wife. I moved in with my husband into the cute little bungalow house he was renting, and we took a short honeymoon to VA beach (it was freakishly warm, remember?).

In August 2009 I stopped working full time and began substitute teaching, and in December John got a new job closer to home, only 30 minutes away.
We lived in happy married bliss for a bit, but almost a year into our marriage, we knew we wanted something else, we wanted to have a family.
So, we set our sights on having a family, and tried and tried. Then we decided to buy a house for the family we hoped to eventually have. So we looked and looked, and looked a lot more, for a great house. After 6 months of searching, we found a house to buy, and since it was going into foreclosure, we had to wait and wait some more to make it ours. After 5 more months, we finally got a closing date for 'our house'.

And the day before closing, we also got another happy surprise.

We were also getting our family!

And in January 2012, our little boy was born.
We are currently still a family of 3, with hopes of becoming a family of many more.


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