Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Baby Binder - Printables

The baby binder ....

Something I've been wanting to do for a while was make a 'baby binder'. I love using binders to organize similar information together. I have a medical binder for myself from my pregnancy, and a medical binder for baby. We have a household binder with our calendar, important/frequent numbers, car maintenance logs, etc... And I'm working on a binder for our safe (to keep things like birth certificates, car titles, etc... all organized in 1 place in the safe).
But, I wanted a baby binder that could act like a 3rd parent when we leave our baby somewhere. And I wanted something that could work for him now, and work for him as a toddler, plus be adaptable for our next children as well. Something that a baby sitter could have all the information he/she needs in one place. Or something that when staying with the grandparents, all the important stuff would be there for them. When I was describing what I wanted out of the binder to my mom, I told her I wanted to make something so simple that I could have my son stay with my brother and even he could figure out what to do, without needing to make a million phone calls. (Because what's the point in taking a no-kids date night, if you get a billion phone calls with silly questions?)

So, I decided to set to work making printables that would work for us.

Planning my printables and pages.

I used a 1" binder, clear page protectors, extra colored cardstock, and the printables.
I included dividers, just in case I wanted to do different sections.

I layered my pages: page/cardstock/page in a clear page protector.

I also included a list of baby foods with the approximate starting age, and CPR/ First Aid instructions.

I placed the pages in the clear page protectors, with the hopes of being able to write & erase them whenever I needed. I tried dry erase markers, but they wiped off too easily, and they weren't quite a fine enough point for me. So then I tried a transparency marker (they have a finer point, and are wet erase instead). That didn't work as well either. The ink kept rubbing and sticking on the opposite page, and took forever to dry. I wasn't too impressed. I may try the sharpie marker approach, with alcohol to remove it. Otherwise I will just suck it up and write directly on the pages.

Sample Pages

You can download the Baby Binder Printables Here.
(You can only view/download from this link, they are not  "public " )

All of the pages are in .jpg image format - so you can save them and print them whatever size works for you.
And, if you read through my Tech Tutorials, then you know how I edit my images to add text.
I included several color options on some of the pages, as well as a few covers.
If there is anything you think should be included, let me know and I will see what I can do. Or if there is a specific color you would like, I can try to do that as well.

*** Remember - All Images are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may edit my images to include whatever text, etc... you like, again, for personal use please (Don't sell them as your own). You can use my images as a brainstorm, create your own images, then do whatever you please with them. ***
Basically, don't download my work, say it's yours, and slap a price on them. Thanks :)

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