Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Do - Images and Editing

Another "quick" post on what I use for editing my pictures, making printables, and what not ...

This is part 2 - pictures:
You can read Part 1 - An Introduction & The Programs I Use <Here>.

For my pictures, I edit them using Picasa. Picasa is a free downloadable program for you computer, which is multiple photo editing features, similar to what you would get from Adobe Photoshop, without the hefty price tag. Adobe Photoshop does offer more features, and things like layering and transparency, however I make due with the free. Picasa also offers web hosting for your pictures, however I do not use that feature for anything other than pictures being posted on my blog (blogger usually automatically uploads your pictures into a web album).

Once you have Picasa installed, it will want to know what folders to pull pictures from and want you to let it create a Picasa Folder for your projects (as I recall).
   { ** fyi- if you click any of the images (in any blog post) they will open larger **}
The Picasa Folder will show up, and have folders for Screenshots, Collages, and Video Captures.
(In Picasa you can view a video, rotate a video, and you can take still shots from the video)

Now, here is how I edit an image. This is an example for if I were doing a cover image for a tutorial.

First I choose an image, and I always save a copy. This way any edits I make I can save, and not ruin my original images. If I'm going to edit a picture multiple times (say, color effects on one, crop one, black and white on one, etc ...) I will make multiple copies first, then edit each copy.

I then go back into the library and find the copy I made, and begin working on it. The copy will have the original file name, with a set of numbers at the end {001, 002, etc...}

For this image, I chose what effect I wanted to use. (Lomo)

And I added the text I wanted.
The screen shot and enlarge show how to rotate text.
When your mouse is near the center of your text, that circle will appear. The little white & orange dot allows you to rotate the text, and you can increase or decrease the size there as well. Just click and drag.

When I am all finished, I save the project - overwriting the file name (original name, plus 001); or you can rename the file to whatever you would like. Save will copy over what it originally was, or you can Save As - and change the name, destination, etc...

And that is how I edit images my friends. 
You will use these Picasa skills again for printables. 

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