Friday, June 22, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge - Day 22

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

In 5 years:

In 5 years I will be in my early 30's - so J and I will still be married, probably still be living in our current house. Hopefully the basement will be finished, we will have a shed out back, and maybe have started some of our "upstairs projects - phase 2".  We will also have 2, maybe 3 children, and my little guy will have started or be getting ready to start his Kindergarten work (that just depends on his maturity, since he is a January birthday). I'm thinking we will probably have a dog (or two) by year 5, since all kids want puppies for some reason.

In 10 years:
I really don't know where we will be, per say. We may still be living here, and made all of our changes and upgrades, and be happy with our house. Or we may have sold it, and bought or built a bigger, newer home closer to wherever J is working. We will have had all the babies we are going to have and our oldest will be 10 years old!

In 15 years:
If we had moved before, we may be starting to make upgrades and repairs at the new house, or be going nutty at this house because we ran out of space, now having teens and pre-teens. I'm hoping we have a bigger house by then, though. Otherwise we might be daydreaming about the day all our children move out, so we can have our house back. My little guy will now be 15 and getting ready to get his learners permit and learn to drive (if the laws don't change). 

 In any of the years, I still plan on being a stay-at-home mommy / housewife. I know J's job will change over the years, probably a few times, I just hope we are still able to continue our plans for me to be home with our children while he works outside the home. That's not to say I might not take a part-time in home job, something like selling Avon (again, or probably something different, maybe my crafting could pay off) just to make a little extra 'pocket money', since kids are kind of expensive. We also plan to home-school our children, so it would be easier to do if I were home for that. 

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