Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Do - Finding Free Fonts

A quick post on finding & installing free fonts.

A fun part of editing and making printables is having fun fonts. Times New Roman is a tad bit boring on a fun picture. So I love having fun fonts on my computer to play with.
I don't want to do a full-blown tutorial on downloading and installing fonts (you can google search for one if you need it). I will give you a brief overview.
On my computer, I have everything download to my desktop by default. You may or may not, so figure out where your downloads go, it will be much easier. I also have a 'downloads' folder (which may be where some of your downloads go) - I manually move my files there. In my downloads folder, I have folders for different programs, setup files, and a folder labeled fonts.  That is where I move all my downloaded fonts once I am done with them. Choose whatever site you like and fonts you want and download them to your computer. They should be in a zipped folder. You will want to 'extract all data', to 'unlock' the files (so to speak). Once you've done that you can get rid of the 'zipped' file (or, move it into the new unlocked folder, which is what I do). Open the unlocked folder and you should see the name of your font, and maybe a read me file. Keep this folder up/open.

Now, if you're on Windows, Go to C drive and open the Windows folder. Inside the windows folder, you should see a Fonts folder, open it.

You are going to COPY the font you downloaded and unlocked into the Windows Fonts folder.
{The Font will be a True Type File}
Make sure you COPY it, not cut.

Once your font is installed, most any windows program should be able to use it (including Word, Powerpoint, and Picasa). If you have any programs open, you may have to restart them before the fonts will show up.

Now - you just need to find some free fonts. Well, I already did some of that for you.

Fonts for Peas (handwriting fonts)

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