Sunday, June 3, 2012

The 30 Day Challenge - Day 1

Day 1: List 20 Random Facts About Yourself.

1) I have brown eyes.
2) I do not have wisdom teeth. Never did, they were just never there.
3) My favorite colors are blues and greens.
4) I have 2 younger brothers.
5) I was 22 when I got married.
6) I used to work as a teaching assistant.
7) I love to bargain hunt. I hate paying full price for things. 
8)  I collect Willow Tree figurines.
9) My favorite flowers are tulips and hydrangeas.
10) I completely forgot about doing this challenge (Today is June 3).
11) I am 3 years older than my brother S, and 7.5 years older than brother K.
12) I was a preemie.
13) I have lived in VA my whole life.
14) I have traveled to Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina.
15)  I am lactose sensitive, but love ice cream.
16) One of my favorite TV shows is The Office.
17) My first job was at Bath & Body Works (I made $6.10/hr).
18) We have owned out house 1 year.
19) I was pregnant 41 weeks with my son.
20) And I had a completely natural birth with my son.

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