Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Medical Binders

One of my organizing projects for our family was to make Medical Binders for each of us.
I decided to make a binder for each person, but you could easily make a Family Medical Binder, with sections for each person in your family. Individual binders just work best for our family, and our medical needs.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Goals ...

Remember my post about making goals, not resolutions?
It's cool. Read it here.  

So, here are my January Goals:
(some I've completed ... some I'm working on ... some I haven't gotten to yet ...)

~ Organize:
Our medical information
Insurance claims
Pay stubs 
(well ... better organize that stuff)
and - purge old, no longer needed files

~ Plan:
Monthly meals
(& shopping accordingly)
Baby's 1st birthday party

~ Household:
Work on redecorating the baby's room into a big boy room.
Find coat hooks for the foyer/entry. 

~ Blog:
Try out some new colors & layouts, pick something new for the new year.

~ Personal:
Upload baby & holiday pictures to family share site
Take a concealed carry course online

Sunday, January 6, 2013

... So This Is The New Year.

"... So this is the new year
And I have no resolutions
For self assigned penance
For problems with easy solutions ..."
Death Cab for Cutie "The New Year"

2013 is upon us now. 
Which means everyone is creating their resolutions,
and letting the world know them.
The problem with resolutions is who ever creates ones they can actually achieve, or remembers what they want to achieve by December.
Most likely you forget by February, or you said you were going to do something rather dumb, like fly a box to the moon. Good luck with that.
I have a problem with making too vague of resolutions.
Blog more.
{How much more? About what? Why?}
Get organized.
{Organize what? How?}
Loose weight.
{By ... magic beans?}

Vague resolutions that by February I have lost hope in achieving.

So this year I am challenging myself to make more achievable monthly goals.
They can be personal, family, blog related ... whatever.
But they must be achievable, and not vague.
I need to have steps to achieve my monthly goals.
And I need to try my hardest to get them done.

Sure, I have some all-year goals
{home improvement projects, keeping us healthy, building our savings}
and some goals we will just have to get to when there is time/money
{renovating our bathrooms...}
and my goal of us taking a family vacation somewhere, sometime,
since the little guy is now old enough to go on family adventures.

And with that, I am now off to think of my January goals ...