Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pantry Organization (Project: Pantry - Part 3)

Remember my pantry?
{Read Part 1 and Part 2}

Well, now it's time to show you how I've organized it, and I'm keeping it organized!

All of our groceries, nicely organized where I can find them again.

I found plastic baskets at Walmart to use as organizers. The small ones were a 3 pack, the mediums a 2 pack, for about $4. 

The bottom 2 shelves.
Cans and jars on the top;
 Jugs, drinks, ziplock bags, and 'extras' on the bottom.

I keep my baking chips in glass jars. Easy to snack on see how much I have.

I added a Closetmaid wire shelf at the bottom, so I could stack cans, and use a basket under it.
In the basket are my soups, ramen, and 'quick lunches'. Next to the basket are my jars of pasta sauce.  On the shelf are cans of tomatoes, beans, tuna, etc...
The other basket has my canned veggies and fruits stacked in it. We don't keep a ton of canned veggies and fruits on hand (I prefer frozen/fresh), so the basket works for me.

Above that is my dinners shelf. I have all of my pasta, potatoes, and other dinner side dishes here. We also have a random basket of sauce packets. 

Above that is the shelf with cereal, tea, sweet & low, extra condiments and spices, and some snacks.
I have the spices and light-weight condiments stacked on a tiered organizer shelf. 

This is my baking goods shelf. A whole shelf!
(Well, there are some overflow fruit cups and a box of ice cream cones)
My extra baking chips are stacked in the white baskets, and behind it are cans of evaporated milk and marshmallow fluff. And there is a basket for baking mixes (cake, cookies...). There is also a clear bin with my sprinkles and food coloring, and a small basket with flavorings and such.

Next to the pantry, I have a small bookshelf with my cook books, recipe binder, jars of candy, and our "lunch station". 

The top shelf has small baskets, the bottom has medium baskets.
This is where I keep granola bars, protein & cereal bars, desserts, fruit cups, chips, etc...
Basically a go-to spot for grabbing goodies for Hubby's lunch. 

The labels I made for the pantry were just pretty post-it notes I had bought a while back. I plan to switch them out for clear labels sometime. 

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  1. It looks great! Doesn't it just make you want to cook more just so you can constantly go in it and marvel at all your hard work? No? Okay, just me then! haha


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