Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Bills & Budget Binder - Reveal

About a week ago, I posted about working on a bills & budget binder.
{If you missed it, you can read it here}
I had found the pin on pinterest, and wanted to try it out for our family, with a little modifying. 

So, here is what I made:

I started with a 2.5" binder to hold everything, and added in my printables {which, are here}.

My calendar printables, for keeping track of when everything is due. 
I also added an 'additional expenses' box - I thought it might be handy for keeping track of things that might not really be a bill, but you knew you would need to pay. Like, a doctor appointment co-pay, or car maintenance/repair, or maybe dues for an activity ... 

I also added a clear pocket for holding all of the bills as they come in.
I always write the amount of the bill and when it is due on the envelope.

I added a bunch of dividers into the binder, one for every bill we have.
Our main expenses:
Pay Day, Mortgage, Car Payment, Electric, Internet and Phone, TV/Entertainment, Cell Phone, Medical.
And our additional expenses (aka, store cards):
Kohls, Sears, Best Buy, Old Navy, Cabelas, and Misc...
And there are a few extra tabs, in case we need to expand.

I made up some basic accounts printables, to use for now.
I wanted something I could use to log everything on to, without using the printables for each account for only 4 months, seemed like a waste of paper for all that. So I'm just going to use the basic accounts pages I made for now.

This is my pay bills-balance checkbook setup.
(The binder is on the other side of my laptop)

And this is how I decided to file my statements. I stapled the store receipts and payment receipt right to the statement, 3-hole punched it, and filed it in the binder. I also write on my statements the date I paid, how much, and the ck# (or cash) - so it's right there on it. That info. is also written on the log page, so it probably seems silly to write it both places, but it works for me. 

Now, this is only the bills part of the binder. I'm really not sure how to do the budget part for the binder.
Any suggestions?
Weekly? Monthly? Pay Day? Categories?
(Can you tell we're not really a budgets kind of family, although we should be)

Hopefully this gives you some ideas for making your own bills and budget binder. 
Feel free to use my printables for personal use only, or use them as an idea for creating your own. 
I also plan to make printable calendars with the rest of the months (and not just Sept.-Dec.) in the near future. I'll let you know once they are available. 

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  1. We do our monthly budget on the computer with Microsoft Access. I'll share it on my blog because it is really hard to try to explain in a comment. I absolutely LOVE using it and I believe it is really helpful and keeps us in line.

    I took a class a few years ago at LFCC and learned how to use Access. Best class I ever took!


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