Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project Pantry : Part 2

Ahh... The Pantry.
Did you catch the first part to this post?
If not, you can read it {here}.

This pantry cabinet has seriously been the biggest pain!
We bought it at the beginning of July, and it took us over a month to finish it.
Ok, first, we were working on it evenings and weekends.
Second, We were also working on it in our basement.
Thirdly, We've never really done any furniture finishing before.

Hubs filled in the nail holes and any nicks with wood filler.
Then we removed the doors and hardware, and gave everything a light sanding.

We started staining.
It took 2-3 coats total.

Once everything was stained, polyurethaned, and dried, we brought it upstairs and reassembled it. 


We bought new knobs for the cabinet from Hobby Lobby.

Plenty of food storage. 
Hidden food storage. 

I'm not going to do a full play-by-play on finishing/refinishing furniture.
After this project, we plan on taking a big break from anything involving wood staining. 
Also, you will note there are no pictures of us applying the 2nd/3rd coats of stain, or the polyurethane. I did the 2nd and 3rd coats of the stain, so photographing myself would be a tad bit tricky. And the poly ... hah! 

Here's a tip: DO NOT USE SPAR VARNISH.  If you're staining a boat, go ahead. But for anything else - don't use it. It stinks, you will be fumigated out of your home, it takes for ever to dry, and isn't what you use on furniture. Ever. (Again, unless it's on a boat. Or in your yard.)

We, somehow, ended up being told to buy Spar Varnish from Lowes (due to it's placement right next to the Poly). {Insert head banging frustration here}
So, we varnished the cabinet. And our whole house smelled. For about a week. Then we had to sand it down, touch up some stain (ps - stain doesn't want to adhere over varnish), and poly the cabinet. We did 2 coats then quit - good enough. 

And, if you come back again soon, you'll get to see how I'm organizing our pantry. 


  1. I love the stain! It looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks. Cabot brand - Gunstock color.
      It's a little lighter than we wanted, but still looks good. It matches my china cabinet though. :)


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