Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY: Homemade Fabric Softener

I am a huge fan of fabric softener. 
I love having soft, snuggly clothing and bedding. 
I also don't like paying a ton of money for it. 
Or having to keep 3 different kinds of softener around the house.
(And yet, I still do...)
We also have well water, and with using the cheaper softeners, I've noticed a weird 'film' building up on some of our clothing (like jeans, they have this weird soft but slick feeling sometimes).
So, I wanted something that would work well with our well water, be safe for our clothing and bedding, for baby's clothing and bedding, and safe to use on our towels too.
(Did you know liquid fabric softener reduces your towels absorbancy? It is also not safe to use on baby items, it affects it being fire-retardant. )

And so - here is my all-in-one fabric softener. 
(Remember that cleaning vinegar??)

Vinegar works well as an alternative to pricey liquid softeners, and the Purex Crystals are safe to use on towels and baby items. 

I used 1 gallon of the cleaning vinegar, and added 16 tsp. of crystals to it.
{1 gallon = 16 cups. / 1tsp. per cup}
The crystals add some extra softness to it, and help conceal the vinegar smell. 
Add the crystals to the vinegar, shake well, and use.
I give the bottle a good shake before I do laundry too, just in case. 
That's it. 
And, 1 bottle of crystals should last you quite a while this way.
{I will add some to the load in the winter, with the bulky sweaters and such}
You could also use essential oils in place of the crystals, I just used what I had here, and it's working for us.

Pair this with some homemade dryer sheets and some homemade oxyboost, and you're good to go. 
(Don't worry. I will be doing tutorials for those next...)


  1. SO excited to try this, using homemade crystals from the Hippy Homemaker
    FINALLY a liquid softener recipe for my HE machine WITHOUT baking soda, which any good chemist knows, but no one else seems to, has a neutralizing effect when mixed with vinegar! Will let you know in a few weeks how it turns out!

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  3. It works great! I use it in my machine's softener dispenser and keep some old, small rags in a zipper bag & soak them with it for "dryer sheets". Zero static clean, zero vinegar smell, soft enough for our needs. Thank you!


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