Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kitchen Oil & Vinegar Bottles

Custom Kitchen Oil & Vinegar Bottles

I wanted something cute in my kitchen to hold some oil, and my vanilla. I never use vinegar when cooking. So I needed some oil and vanilla bottles. For some reason I had never bottle an oil bottle. 

I wanted bottles that would go with our kitchen, too.

I found these cute bottles at the Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree! But, there was the slight issue of them saying 'Vinegar'. And me not loving them 100%. I didn't really want to see the oil and vanilla in the bottles, but I wanted to be able to know how full the bottle was.

So I decided to paint them silver, to match our appliances.
First I taped off the the tops of the bottle, and taped a line down each side, so I could see how much was in the bottles easily.
And, before this I lightly sanded the bottles - just a quick once over with some leftover sand paper.

Then I painted them and let them dry.

Peeled off the paint,
then brought them upstairs and filled them up.

I still need to add a label to the front side on each, I'm going to put the measurement line in the back, and add markings for each 1/2 cup.

We had the paint at home from a project hubs did many years ago
(he had a lightsaber building hobby),
so I just used some of that. And the bottles were only $1 each.
Not too bad!


  1. Do you know what kind of paint you used? Was it specifically for glass or does it matter as long as you sand it first?

  2. I used just regular old cheap spray paint, probably from walmart. However, it's not holding so well on the oil bottle (the oil is rubbing the paint off).
    I was doing some looking, Krylon spray paint says it works on glass, so it should work, and comes in a ton of colors.
    Sanding it with sandpaper helps the paint stick, or you can etch it, and there is also a primer spray you could use first, after you sand/etch (krylon makes it). If I were doing a big project I would use primer, but for little things I don't know if it would make that big of a difference. If you've got several projects, and would use it, it might be beneficial, I've never used the primer for glass before, so I'm not sure how well it works.

    I will probably get new bottles sometime and some Krylon paint, and see if that holds up any better. (And, use a coarser grit paper, I just grabbed whatever J was last using, which was probably the 200 or 220 grit).

    "When working with glass or ceramic:
    Lightly sand with fine grain sandpaper so that surface will not be slick – this allows paint to adhere better. Wipe clean with a tack cloth. Apply a primer to further improve adhesion (glass will no longer be transparent if a primer is used)." ~


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