Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY: Oxyboost

The oxyboost. 
The last in my little laundry series (because I don't make our own soap). 

I didn't take any pictures of the process, but it's nothing super special.
You need:

Spray bottle OR empty bottle with 'squirt spout'
(think: body wash, dish soap, etc.. bottle - easy to pour)
hydrogen peroxide
baking soda
{If you have a non-see-through bottle, that's better}

For an in-wash booster:
In your bottle mix 1 part peroxide & 1 part baking soda.
(ex: 1/2 cup peroxide to 1/2 cup baking soda)
 It will gurgle a fizz up, so let it do that (wait a few hours...), then put the cap on your bottle.

For a stain treater:
Same as above, but add 1 cup water for each 1 cup of solution.
You can use this as a stain spray, for pre-treating, or an overnight soak. 

Make both of these in 'small batches' (enough for one laundry day), since they loose their effectiveness over time. 

I've been using it as an in-wash booster, and have had no problems with it, but be sure you test it on fabrics before dumping it in your washer.
(It did remove most of a set-in puree sweet potato stain from a white onesie)
We have also used it to help clean up stains on the carpet, and it removed sticky red strawberry soda from a white fuzzy baby blanket. 

If you're wanting something stronger, use washing soda in place of the baking soda. It is a much 'stronger' soda. 

Another tip - if you're wanting to make larger batches of this to use as an in-wash stain treatment, store your mixture in a dark container (something non-see-through. Like the hydrogen peroxide bottle......). 
This will help your mixture last longer.
(You could also make the stain spray and store in a solid bottle, if you have one) 

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