Monday, October 1, 2012

Grocery List

Ok, I know everyone and their brother has a grocery printable list. 
However, I made this because it works for me, and what I need when I go shopping. 
I have several of the lists that have every item in the store listed, and you check what you need, but it just doesn't work for me. They are a great reference for me though, when thinking about what I need to stock up on when, and where to stock up from. 

So, I decided to make up some printables to use when I go shopping.
I was specifically inspired by the Martins ad, and what sales I wanted to take advantage of this week. 
Something neat and organized, keeping notes about coupons and special buys. 

And so I made that.
A chart with what I'm shopping for, the price, if it's on sale or special, and if I have any coupons for the item.
The far left column is for me to check off the items as I get them. 

You can find the printable charts {here}, on my google sites page.
(They are all .docx files, for Microsoft Word. You can customize them how you like.)

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