Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cleaning Vinegar

I found this little bit of happiness at my local Walmart. 

Only $1.25/bottle. 
Which, is a 1 gallon bottle.
And, it's 6% Vinegar (food grade is 5%). 

This makes me a little excited to try all of the cleaning with vinegar pins I've been seeing. 

Yes, my receipt says "Creeper $3.25".
No, I didn't buy a creepy person at the Walmart.
It's a onesie for the little man of the house.
So's the jumpsuit. 


  1. You also bought a 'Creeper'.....Where are you hiding him?? lol

    1. haha! I woke up this morning, and remembered I was supposed to edit this post, but I couldn't remember why .... it was the creeper. :)


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