Monday, September 17, 2012

Busy Weekend

Did you know that this past Sunday (aka: yesterday) was Wife Appreciation Day? 
Old Navy told me so via Facebook, so it's obviously true.

And so, in honor of Wife Day, my husband bought himself a gun safe. And some ammo. 
{Guns are an investment. They keep our family safe. We need more ammo to shoot in them. And the safe, well, keeps them safely stored. With the exception of our self defense weapons. So don't try to break in over here.}

So, that's sort of a wife present. 
Especially since it is in our downstairs, and now Hubs can clean his guns down there. Instead of on the dinning room table. I like having a gun-free dining room. 

But yesterday was day 2 of my truck riding around. 
We spent Saturday in the truck, too. 

Saturday was my day.
We had Grandma watch the baby, and had a nice little date-day.
We had Chinese for lunch, bought the little guy some clothing for the fall and winter, and bought a new sofa and love seat. 
No longer do we have to sit on the $60 Craigslist couch. 
The uncomfortable, flop in, never get out, couch. 
We have a nice, supportive couch to chill on. 
And a matching love seat. 
So no more sitting on a storage ottoman. 

We got slipcovers to protect them from baby drool, and keep them nice and pretty. 
Because I want them to last a long time (long, long time). 

(and yes, that's a 2x4 next to the railing. it's for the baby gate ... long story...)

I like my Wife Appreciation Day Present. 
(actually, we bought them because they were on sale ... but still....)


  1. I love the pillows and the throw! Did you make them?

  2. The pillows actually came with the sofa and love seat :) Which go perfectly with our decor. The throw on the couch I found at Kohls last year around Christmas for like $10, and the one on the love seat was from Walmart a few years ago.

    This is a similar one from Kohls (different pattern)

    1. Thanks! They definitely look great in your home! :-)


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