Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project : Pantry

We are in desperate need of a pantry in our kitchen/dinning room. 

See? Do you see how messy that looks. It's a mini-nightmare. I know where everything is, and have it organized as best I can, but it just looks horrible. 2 bookshelves, a wire cart and tons of stuff piled on the floor. The cabinet on the far left holds the baby food, so I'm probably going to keep it in the room, somewhere, but the rest - it's got to go! 

So, I looked for a pantry cabinet. We didn't want something cheap. We wanted a nice cabinet that could hold all our food, and with stand daily usage, while looking nice in the space. 
And I found it. 
There is a local furniture store that sells unfinished Amish furniture, so that's where we headed. Everything is 100% wood (and not prefab particle board), and can be painted or stained however you want. Nice!
{If you live in our area, check out Lam Brothers Furniture}
I chose the 4 door pine pantry cabinet, which will look great in the space we have, and should hold everything (or, most everything). 

Stay tuned to see how this project turns out ....

Our projects to tackle :
Front flower beds & sidewalk
Front porch lights
Ceiling fans in the 2 bedrooms
Lower baby's crib
Pantry cabinet for the kitchen
Build a workbench for J
Replace kitchen sink faucet
Buy and replace living room mini-blinds

{Replace broken microwave}

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