Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Patriotic Cupcakes

Yeah, yum, right?!?! I used the recipe on Our Best Bites for the Colorburst Cupcakes. I chose to do red & blue (with the white cupcake mix) to make them patriotic. Top with some frosting (I was lazy, and used the can kind) and sprinkles - and yum! Also yum - the half a can of frosting I have left :)
These were relatively easy to make, I had a slight problem with getting the batter to spread out evenly, and figuring out how much to use (hence why the bottoms have so much more color than the tops), but it worked out pretty well for my first try. Also - I used Key Lime yogurt (it was that or activia), I don't recommend Key Lime. It gives the cupcakes a slightly tart taste, which, if I want a cupcake, it better taste like sugar loaded with sugar, and some sugar on top :)  I'm looking forward to trying these again sometime (with vanilla yogurt) and more colors, see if I can get a tie-dye thing going :)


  1. Those look delicious! I have a can of frosting in my fridge thats leftover too…yum. Haha…Anytime I want something sweet I know just what to grab. :-)

  2. I keep frosting on hand, it's like a condiment here :) . The cupcakes were really easy to make, other than me burning the bottoms (like always).


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