Sunday, July 10, 2011

Peach Sauce

I happen to love peaches in the early summer. Specifically, I love white peaches. They are so juicy and sweet! So, I had 3 who were starting to get a little to soft to eat - what to do, what to do?
Peach Sauce!

It's pretty idiot proof to make, really. I use the recipe from Our Best Bites' Strawberry Sauce (also delicious) and just use peaches instead. I'd love to try this with pineapple sometime too.

Literally follow the directions step-by-step, just with peaches :) yum!
It's good on ice cream, or cake, or a spoonful in a glass of tea or lemonade (or to just eat).

Peach Sauce, still warm.

On a side note : I leave the skin on the peach, I figure, if I'm going to blend it anyway why not pack in those nutrients. If you want a slightly "chunky" sauce, I'd remove the skin, since it won't be blended as smoothly.

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