Thursday, September 19, 2013

Labor Day Staycation - part 1

This year we decided to try something new, a staycation during the week my husband took off work.
{It was Labor Day week. I try not to pre-broadcast our plans too much, you know, burglars and all....}
Now, we've stayed home before, that's nothing new - but we just stayed home.
This time we decided to do some more local day trips, and a little overnight getaway, nothing too big or expensive. And nothing too overwhelming for an 1 and a half year old. 

Here's part 1: 

Day 1 - Monday/Labor Day:
{No Pictures...}
After getting some things done around the house, we decided to take a ride down to a semi-local gun store and Bass Pro Shops. Since we only live an hour-ish away, it makes for a nice afternoon/evening trip, and the little guy/daddy can fall asleep on the way home. Sounds great, except by the time we got there and ate some dinner quick, everything had closed early for the holiday. Making it worse, hubs checked the website for the gun store and there was no mention of them closing early. Boo! Long drive for some Chick-fil-a. (Which, side note: we don't have a Chick-fil-a in our town. Or a Walmart. Or Target. Or even Taco Bell .... I kinda like that.)  OK, so, we'll try again another day. But really, close at 5pm??

Day 2 - Tuesday:

We went on a little road trip to visit Mt. Vernon
If you live close enough, I strongly recommend you visit if you never have, or it's been awhile. 
Very pretty, affordable, and enjoyable for the whole family.
We really enjoyed this day-trip. We were only there for the afternoon, and I'm bummed we didn't get time to see the Grist Mill, Distillery, and walk through the museum. :-/
Maybe we will go again in a few years.

Photography isn't allowed inside the house, like most historical places, but it's very pretty.
My photos of the rest of his estate don't do it justice, plus the lighting isn't too great inside the galleries.
But there are some cool interactive films you can watch, the one we saw included rumble seats and snow ... 

We concluded our NOVA trip with a little side-trip:
We had dinner there, it was ok. Except for the drink cups. Seriously. Then we shopped a bit. We picked up a few toys to save for a certain little dude for the holidays, but overall we actually weren't too impressed. Hubs really liked the shopping carts, since all 4 wheels swivel. He was enjoying pushing it around. I think he wanted to keep it. 

Day 3 - Wednesday :

Nothing cool planned, just hanging around getting a few things done, running a few errands, and getting ready for the rest of the week ...

Check back soon for part 2 ... 

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