Monday, September 23, 2013

Labor Day Staycation - part 2

This year we decided to try something new, a staycation during the week my husband took off work.
{It was Labor Day week. I try not to pre-broadcast our plans too much, you know, burglars and all....}
Now, we've stayed home before, that's nothing new - but we just stayed home.
This time we decided to do some more local day trips, and a little overnight getaway, nothing too big or expensive. And nothing too overwhelming for an 1 and a half year old. 

Here's part 2:
Read part 1 {here}

Day 4 - Thursday:

Rise & Shine, up and out early. Kinda.
We left the area by 9 am, including a breakfast stop.
Road Trip:

A little overnight get away to West Virginia!
I'd actually never been to this part of WVa, we'd always driven through the very northern part on our way to Pennsylvania when I was growing up, so getting to see the rest of the state was pretty exciting.

Our first "stop" was at the New River Gorge Bridge.
It was beautiful.
I mean, it's a bridge, a very large one, but the mountain views and seeing the span of the bridge from below = awesome. We also got to drive over the bridge on our way to get some lunch.

If you ever find yourself in that area of West Virginia, do go see the bridge.
(If you live in my 'area' - it took us about 4 1/2 hours to get there, with some bathroom breaks/rest stops in there)

After we left the bridge, and filled our tummies with some lunch (since it was only like 2:30 at that point) we continued our trek to our "main destination" ...

The Hotel!

then ....

Yep, we went on a 5.5 hour turned 8 hour road trip (ok, part of that was the previously mentioned bathroom time, lunch, and bridge viewing) ...

And, you know what. We were underwhelmed. So disappointed. Really!
We were expecting awesome things here.
And it was just like a smaller Bass Pro Shops.
Boo! Not cool.
However, the trip got redeemed when hubs caught a glimpse of the Gander Mountain Gun World.
Way more awesome. Basically a bigger Gander Mountain, with more guns. And pallets full of ammo.

If you follow me on instagram, you might have caught a glimpse of these shots ...

 Yes, we built our son a pillow wall on his bed. Yes, the WVa visitors center gives you free pins to wear.  And yes, I totally brought those toiletry samples home with us. Bath & Body Works, y'all.

We only stayed in West Virginia 1 night. That's enough time away from home with a toddler.
We traveled the interstates the whole way home, so the trip went much quicker. Just brief stops for bathroom/diaper breaks, lunch, and a stop off at a more local gun shop in Fishersville, and we were home.

We then used the weekend time to rest up from our trip, and retry our trek to the Bass Pro Shops.
A bit more successful this time.

We drove a cool car shopping cart, had some Red Robin dinner, and looked at the fish at Bass Pro.

All-in-all our staycation was a success! 

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