Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Coupon Deals at Target!

A few days ago I posted a little teaser over on facebook about the savings I had just scored using coupons -
almost $60, and 2 $5 gift cards at Target! 

I like to make a fun game out of couponing, to save us money, but I don't really try to "stock-up" on items we don't need or will never use.
(Ok, unless it's free. And there is a possibility of us using it)
TLC had that extreme couponers show - I am no where near that!
No coupon binder over here, just a little organized "file envelope" I carry. 

Anyway, my husband was quite impressed by my big savings, and additional gift card snags. 
We needed printer ink, diapers and groceries; so a big variety and some big price items. 

I love couponing at Target the best. {Plus, I just like shopping at Target, their prices are usually comparable to Wal-mart, they offer store coupons, and the store is usually less crowded & better stocked.} 
 It's pretty straight forward to coupon there. You can use 1 manufacturers coupon (MC) and one Target coupon per item. These can be "stacked" together to get you some good savings. They can also be used with gift card offers, clearance, and usually B1G1/B2Gx / etc... offers. And there generally isn't a huge headache involved, like some other stores.  You can also stack on the Target mobile coupons, and Target's new Cartwheel offers to score even more savings! Then stack this with your 5% savings for using your Target card.  Just be sure to watch your coupons scan. A lot of times the Target coupons won't scan correctly, so you have to make sure they manually allow it. 

{What are Target Mobile Coupons? What is Cartwheel?
Both are electronic based coupons. The Mobile coupons are sent to you via text message with a link to view and use the coupons. They each have a 1 time use on them until they expire. This requires text message & data plan. Alternatively, you could open the link texted to you in a web browser on your computer and print the coupon page.  Cartwheel is an App Target has created to give customers even more coupons, usually % off. This requires a smartphone or a tablet device to install the app on. There is also a webpage you can use to view your offers, and I believe you can print them from the webpage. You have to have a facebook account to use cartwheel.}

Here are some of my recent deals:
Total Savings : $57.58 !!!! 

up&up Crayons:
 25 cents/each.
$1.00 off up&up school supply purchase = FREE
(mobile coupon)

BIC pencils:
Sale $1.25 each.
MQ $1.50/2 & Target coupon $1.00 = FREE

Huggies Wipes:
$1.99 each
MQ: 50 cents & Target coupon 50 cents = 99 cents each

I also scored some decent deals on diapers (5.99 each) and grocery items we needed.  

What's the best deals you've found couponing??
Any sites, helpful tips, or recommendations for new couponers? 

My biggest recommendation : Be organized!
Take your time going through the sales ad & store, making sure all your coupons match up. 
I like to use a divided file carrier for my coupons, with my "current trip" coupons already paired in the front pocket. I match my coupons, paper clip together, and use a post-it to write the deal and # coupons I'm using (or if I have multiples and need to divide the transaction) on each stack, as well as if I need cartwheel or mobile coupons.  It takes just a few minutes up front in your prep time, but saves so much at the register. 

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