Friday, August 9, 2013

Tie-Dye Day, round 2.

So you may remember we did a tie-dye day last week.
I didn't forget about the follow-up post ....
Just forgot to get pictures of the shirts after I washed them.

So I took a few pictures of my shirts this morning, to kinda make up for it.

My sis-in-law, Brittany, had the idea to do a tie-dye day again, so we invited our neighbor/cousin, Angie, and her kids to come over a join us.

Her is Brittany dying one of her shirts:

Some rolled & dyed shirts:

The importance of wearing gloves:

Seriously, my hands were blue for like a week...

The finished shirts, before washing:

Mine / Little Dude's / Brittany's
(Angie took their shirts home with them to wash)

And my shirts, after washing:

We got much better results this time around!
I went back the next morning to "re-dye" any areas of the shirts that may have needed it,
then let them sit for several more hours before rinsing them out.
If I were doing it again, I'd probably check the dye on the shirts after just a few hours, re-dying and rolling if needed, then let them sit a full 24 hours before rinsing them. The colors did fade and bleed a bit this time as well, not nearly as bad though. I'm wondering how do people get such vibrant colors on their shirts? Do they sit for like a week first? Oh well, they still turned out pretty awesome.
I think my 2 favorites are Brittany's pink, purple and blue swirl; and the Little Dude's rainbow bullseye.

You can read about our original tie-dye adventures {here}. And the cupcakes {here}.

I highly recommend gloves, all around. The dye is very messy, and will stain anything it comes in contact with. We also put down plastic, to contain our work area/mess. I prefer to mix the dye in large bottles, then transfer to the smaller squirt bottles as needed. You can also "mix" the completed dye batches to make new colors (I did this to make a royal blue, and the purple). Once your shirts have sat overnight and you are ready to wash, make sure they rinse clean in warm water before running through the washing machine. Any color that's still in the shirts will get into any other shirts in the washer.
Happy tie-dying!

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