Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 Days of Love Challenge

Crafty Wife is hosting a 14 Days of L-O-V-E Challenge.
February 1st-14th (Valentines Day ...)
14 days of showing your special someone how much you love and care. 
You can view her post here:

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Honestly, at first I thought 'oh, what a sweet idea.' and that was about it.
But now I'm telling myself, I need to do this.
It's too easy for me to take for granted what all my husband does for our family.
Too often I find myself nitpicking things, and being cranky by the time he gets home in the evenings.
I need to take the time to be kinder to him.
Show him some love.

{Need some ideas? : 30 Day Marriage Challenge could have some helpful thoughts }

Check back to this post, I'll be updating as we go. 
{And, Crafty Wife has been planning for weeks. I'm flying by the seat of my pants here people. It will be fun to see what we come up with. }

Day 1:

I made my man some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Day 2:

A nice breakfast : Egg bread (his favorite) and bacon, with a cute little note.

Day 3:

{No picture...}
We had a 'guys day'.
 He went to some of his favorite stores, did some of his favorite things, and we had burritos from Qdoba, one of his favorite places.

Day 4:

The Mr. stayed home from work today, not feeling well, so I just let him lay around and rest all day.

Day 5 & 6:

I'm nuts for you, and I'm sticking with you.
2 little treats for his lunch.

Day 7 :

You make my heart melt.
Today I made him some heart shaped chocolate chip muffins, with Hershey kisses in the middle.
Not that chocolate chip is his favorite, but, hey, ya gotta go with what you have.

Day 8:

I made him some mp3 CDs for him to listen to in his car on the way to/from work.
I also took his car to get inspected today - so he didn't get to use them. lol.

Day 9:

Ok, totally fell off the wagon today, sorta.
We did get to just relax and spend time together as a family, which was nice.
{On a side note - I tried to be good and exercise yesterday, which was a bad idea. Because it hurts to use my legs now ... Which is why I'm not doing diddly squat. Or squats for the next, like, ever ...}

I'm going grocery shopping next week, hopefully I'll come up with some better ideas before then. And an idea of something to give him for V-day.

Day 10:

Homemade Vanilla Doughnuts and Bacon.
My husband said they tasted like sponge cake, so he kept calling them spongenuts.

Day 11:

Orange you glad we're together.
I gave him some orange slices.

Day 12:

{My day went about 1% to plan ... next day ...}

Day 13:

Blueberry muffins. John's favorite!
He has been asking for blueberry muffins for a while now,
so I finally remembered to get the mix to make him some.
And they are delicious. And jumbo size.

We also had chicken quesadillas/tacos, one of his favorite foods.
I was trying to make up for my lack of a day 12.

Day 14 Plans -

I'm planning to make a homemade lasagna and some berry cobbler or red velvet cake for dessert (all things John loves). He has to work late this evening, and so I told him we could just stay in, and have a date night some other time.  Showing love shouldn't just happen one day a year, it should happen every day, so we can have a special dinner whenever... or a lunch date. or breakfast. or whatever.
{Although, I wouldn't be too sad if a card or something mysteriously made it's way home with hubs}  

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  1. I love the note with the bacon! And I love that you did a guys day. What a great idea! I can't wait to see what else you come up with. :-)


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