Monday, February 11, 2013

Bills & Budget Binder - Update

If you've been following me for awhile, you might remember me posting about a Bills & Budget Binder many months ago. If not, you can read more from the Budgeting Series {here}.

So, I just wanted to post an update about how the binder is working for us. 

It's working great so far. 

In the front I have my calendar pages that I log each of our bills on.
When it comes in, I write when it's due on the calendar with the amount due (or the amount we're paying that month).

Behind the calendar pages I have a clear pocket to hold the bills.
I write on the front of each envelope when it's due & how much is due. 

Behind the pocket is a checklist of our bills with the date they are typically due.
When it's been written out/paid for the month, I X out that box, if it's not due that month, I just put a -

Then I have the tabs.
One for each of our bills and payments.
The front 'row' is our primary bills : mortgage, car payment, tv, internet, etc...
(These are the accounts we have bills/pay every month)
The second 'row' is our secondary account : credit cards, store cards, etc...
(These are the accounts we may or may not have bills for each month)

Just a sample bill.
I file the bill statement in the appropriate section.
On the bill I write the amount paid, the date paid, and the check number.
(I also write this on the envelope of the bill - which goes with our checkbook to be checked against our bank statement, then shredded. )

In the back pocket I keep the past months calendar pages, and extra envelopes.
Just in case. 

The binder gets stored next to the fridge, at our Family Command Center.
(aka - place where stuff piles up at)

So far I really like our system, it's fairly easy for us to use.
Even my husband can use it (although I'm the one who usually writes out the bills).
It's a visual system to see what's coming out of our bank account. 
(We're visual people)

I'm still working on incorporating our budget into the binder,
I'm not sure how I'd like to work it in. (Other than on the calendar pages)


  1. what do you do with the months bills after you have paid them? I see you put them in that section for that month, but then what?

    1. Once we've paid the bills, I will file them in each section - ex: once we've paid the cable bill, I mark the date paid/amount paid/ check #/etc... on the bill statement, then I file it under the section for the cable bill. Each month just gets stacked on top of the last in each section.
      At the end of the year, I collect the bills from each section then dispose of them. The only accounts I will keep in the binder after the end of the year are accounts we are carrying a balance on (ex: loan payments, mortgage, major purchases). p
      I also attach any receipts I have to the bills (ex: Kohls, Target, etc...) that way the receipts are right there in case I need to make a return, I can pull the receipt and bill to take with me.

      Hopefully that helps,, and make sense. :)


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