Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Easy-Peasy {Lemon Squeezy} Tutu tutorial

Finally, a craft project!!
And it's an easy one.
And a fairly cheap one, too. 

No sewing involved. Under $10. Takes about 1 hour each.
My kind of momma craft.

Note: No, I don't have a baby girl. And, No, I'm not secretly expecting a baby girl. Nor do I really want our next little one to be a girl.** I'm just a momma to a boy, making a tutu, not for the boy.
{Actually, I've had friends posting pins for tutus and girly things, so I wanted to try making one)

Tulle spool (15-30yds / apx. 6" wide)
Elastic headband - children's size
(I found mine @ Dollar Tree in a pack)
Lighter (to seal the ribbon ends)
Cardboard Scrap*

The cardboard is optional, I used it to make a cutting template:

Cut the cardboard to 'double' (+1") the length you want the tulle.
I did 18", so I'd have an apx: 8.5" skirt and about an inch for the knot.

Use a clip to secure the end of your tulle.

Wrap the tulle around the cardboard.

Once you're done wrapping, cut the ends off the cardboard (cut at both ends).

Now you have a stack of tulle cut for wrapping.

To wrap:

It's a bit hard to get pictures of the tulle, so I used a ribbon to demonstrate.
1 - fold in half
2 - wrap behind elastic
3- now you have a loop in back and the loose ends in front
4 - flip ends through folded loop
5 - Now you have a knot.
(If you're using ribbon, do an additional knot, to keep it from slipping)
6 - Now repeat using tulle

Continue wrapping with tulle and ribbon until you've covered the entire elastic.

The purple tutu was wrapped using 25yds of tulle, and 1/2" ribbon strands
The turquoise tutu used 15yds of tulle and 1/4" ribbon strands.
On both I tied a larger bow in the back, where the elastic is fussed together (to keep it covered).

I love the look of them both, however the purple is much fuller, which I like better.
15yds of tulle wasn't quite enough to cover the elastic as much as I would have liked.
I may go back and add more ribbon strands to it, or add some additional tulle or fabric strands.
Just to fill it out a bit more.

You can also use this method with a small hair elastic, to make a little hair-tutu for your big girl, or to make a doll tutu.  This is the same method you use to make them with any size waist - just adjust the length of the elastic and the tulle. To make the elastic band: measure your waist, add 1" for elastic over lap, and an additional 1-3" for tulle/ribbon/fabric wrapping, depending on waist size. Over lap the elastic ends 1" and stitch together (Make a box, then cross stitch the middle) .
Not too complicated.
But here's a quick diagram:

** When I mentioned no baby girls - we have a little guy, and we'd love for our next one to be a boy too. They can share a room and be buddies. Plus we have a ton of baby boy gear leftover :-)   **

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