Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yarn Wrapped Wreath

If you follow me on pinterest, you've probably seen all the pins I've been posting of wreaths.
Grapevine wreaths, holiday wreaths, yarn wreaths ....
I like wreaths, they are an easy decoration. Just switch one out for another as the seasons/holidays/weather changes. My kind of decorating. And, they are pretty easy to make.

This wreath took me about 2 hours to make, which wasn't too bad.
The yarn wrapping can be a bit tedious, so pop in a movie or catch up on TV shows on your dvr.
{I was also very picky about how well I wrapped the yarn}
[ And, here's a tip - sit down. Sit while you do this. Don't stand for an hour and a half leaning over it before you decide you can sit. Just sit. ]

You'll need:
  Wreath form
(I used one I picked up at a thrift store)
Hot Glue Gun
Clear Tape
Ribbon (for hanging)
Note : I used a straw wreath form (I kept it wrapped in the clear plastic), but you could also use any type of foam wreath form. You just want a 'smooth' wreath (vs. a natural or grape vine).

To start your yarn wreath, you're going to tape down the end of your yarn securely to your wreath form.
Now you're going to 'back wrap' it (for lack of a technical term).
Basically, I'm wrapping the yarn going to the right, so I moved the yarn to the left side of what I taped, so I could loop over it as I wrapped.

Make since?
Now, keep wrapping, pulling the yarn tight as you go, being sure to cover your form as best you can
(you're going to have to go over it a 2nd time, anyway)

{ Location change }

So, about an hour later, you should have this.
A fully wrapped wreath, and half a skein of yarn.
And, don't cut your yarn off yet.

Do you also have this?
Random spots where the yarn didn't go over?
You're going to wrap back over your wreath, to cover up those bare spots.
Work slow, and double check all the sides (front, back, top & inside).
I ended up doing a 2nd and 3rd 'rough wrap'.
For this you can be as neat or messy as you'd like.
You can re-wrap the whole wreath over a full 2nd time,
I did 2 extra pass overs, a little looser and messier.
I like the homemade, messy, crafty look.

Once you're done wrapping you're going to end your wreath.

{Location change, again...}

Finishing it is easy peasy, just cut your yarn long enough for 1 more wrap, put a glob of hot glue on the back, and wrap your yarn through/into it. Then glue the end down well.

I choose to do a wide ribbon band as my hanger, so I glued on my ribbon
(you could also do a small ribbon loop glued onto the back if you don't want to see the hanging loop).

Then I added some flowers and leaves, and hung it up for everyone to see.
(It's actually hanging on the back of my front door now, which my husband does not understand why)
{I do not plan on hanging this wreath on the front of any of my exterior doors, I'm not sure how well the yarn will hold up, since we don't have storm/screen doors on our house yet}
I choose to keep the embellishments simple, I didn't want to overpower the simplicity of the yarn.
But, you can do whatever you want.
I have a few other yarn wreath ideas I'd like to try (which aren't quite as simple).

My yarn was Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Carrot color
(it's more a rusty orange, than brighter pumpkin color).
With plum and cream flowers, brown satin ribbon.
(you will have some yarn left over)

You can find the yarn at JoAnn's, on sale this week.

Have Fun.

I would love to see your wreaths!
Feel free to link to yours in the comments
(see 1st comment)


  1. Did you make a wreath you'd like to share?
    Just reply to this comment with the details, and link to your blog about it, your pin to it, etc ...

    {Please, please, please - remember this is a family friendly site, and all links posted need to be family friendly too. Thanks!}

  2. So cute!! My front door needs a major makeover, this would be perfect :)

    1. :) And it's cheap too. It only cost me about $3 to do, $1 wreath form (from the Hosp. Thrift), $1 yarn (Goodwill) and, $1 flowers (dollar tree).


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