Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Glittered Pumpkins

Being preggers kinda wipes you out sometimes. I have zero motivation to craft right now, even thought I really, really need to (I have a stack of material waiting to be made into blankets, and my sewing machine is sitting on the floor in my dining room). So I am keeping my decorating very simple. Also, we don't really celebrate Halloween, so that makes it even easier.

Last year I made these pumpkins & gourds to decorate with. They're really easy to do.
First - you need to visit LittlePinkMonster, and read her tutorial for the Glittered Eggs. It's pretty much what you'll be doing, but with mini-gourds instead. Or you could do larger gourds and pumpkins.

I found the pumpkins and gourds at the Dollar Store last year, so they may have them again this year, but I'm sure the craft stores have them as well (here are some similar pumpkins from Joanns) .
Pop a toothpick in the bottom of them, cover in mod-podge, then sprinkle with glitter and let dry.
I used white glitter, to give them a frosted look, but you can do pretty much any color you want. You could do Orange, or Black to make them more halloween-ish.

Place in a cute basket, or jar - and you've got a super simple, cute decoration.

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