Friday, October 14, 2011

Apples apples everywhere.

We are up to our eyes in apples over here. That might be a slight (just tiny) exaggeration, but we have a ton of apples. And I need to do something with all these apples. I can only take so many apple slices with peanut butter.

Last week I bought 2 3lb bags of apples from the market, then Monday we ended up going to the orchard while hubs and dad-in-law were off work, so we got another 8lbs of apples. (We got the smallest bag of our group ... believe me) And the orchard was packed. I say packed because I'm used to small groups of kids, not crazy college students and Asian tourists and people with dogs.
I really wanted some Fuji apples. I'm not sure if you're supposed to do this though. But my husband loves me, and who's going to question a man in a tree with an obviously pregnant woman asking for FUJI apples. Besides, his dad was spotting him, sorta. 

They wanted Granny Smith and Stayman apples.
(I'll stick with my Fuji's and Gala's ... I like sweet apples)

But now I have a thousand pounds of apples on my counter to do something with. And yes, I know you're 'supposed' to keep apples in the fridge; there's not enough room in my fridge.

Oh Emu, why not make some apple sauce? I probably will, but I'm the only one who eats it, it reminds Jedi-John of baby food.
Well, why not make some apple pie? Yeah, I could. But, that would be silly, since we don't really like apple pie, and when I think of apple pie, I think of the traditional pie.
(Don't worry - I thought of a new way to make apple pie. I'll share it once I have the motivation to make it. )
So, I did a little looking around, and found a few ideas.  Interestingly 2 of the ideas are apple cider, and not apples. Go figure. 

Then there was this guy. Two Ingredient Ice Cream. It can't get any easier, really. Make some apple ice cream. Maybe some caramel apple ice cream. Or apple pie ice cream. Or any other form of ice cream involving apples.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of things I could make? 

Baked apples, apple brown betty, ooohhh - apple latkes, apple smoothies anyone?
For more about Virginia's apples : Visit The Virginia Apple Growers Association.
We visited Carter Mountain Orchard, in Charlottesville.

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