Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Keeping it organized.

Here is how I keep it sane in our house:

(excuse the misspelling of the word "fries" ... it was late. And Chuck night.)

A giant calendar, a menu board, and a to-do table.
I can write down appointments, when bills are due, when we have plans, etc ...
I can write down what housework I need to do when, and any other things I need to get done during the week.
I can write down a menu for the week with what food I have, and be able to see what I may need to pick up during the week.

The big calendar: 50¢ on clearance at Target.
The to-do table: free, I had everything on hand.
The menu board: $1 picture frame from Target.

The to-do table is just a chart I designed and printed from Word. Slipped it in a plastic page divider and hot glued a magnet to the back, carefully. I also glued a little ribbon trim on it, over where the page holes are.

The menu board was a bit trickier, but still easy. Choose a paper you want to be the background (light color is best). Disassemble your frame and on the "back" of the glass, using a dry erase marker, draw your 8 menu boxes, and place for your header.
(Why 8? The extra box gives you a place to fill in with different meals you have stuff on hand for, so you can quickly see, oh, we're not in the mood for sloppy joes, well, how about spagetti? )
Now just reassemble your frame, keeping the sections you drew to the "inside" (so you don't erase them). Now add your title and days, and you're good to go.
To stick it to the fridge, I just used one of the small 3M peel & stick hooks, that are removable. (Mine are actually leftover hooks for hanging holiday lights).

Super easy. Under $5.00 for super organization.

If any one is interested, I will make up a template and instructions for the to-do table and menu board.

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