Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Weekend Getaway

Back in the beginning of May my husband called me from work with an idea -
Let's go somewhere. 
Tomorrow, and the rest of the weekend.
Or, maybe tonight. 

Now, we're not very spontaneous, and having a toddler doesn't make it any easier.
So, an unplanned weekend trip is kinda a big deal.
Especially for me, list maker extraordinaire. 
So I did what I do best, make lists and organize, gather our suitcases, look for hotels and to-dos where we wanted to go ... 
And invited my in-laws.
Ran some last minute errands, and packed our bags.
Loaded the car the next morning while our little guy ate breakfast,
then set out on our adventure. 

Williamsburg & Jamestown.



 We did Williamsburg on Friday, when we arrived, and Jamestown Saturday, plus some shopping in between and after.

I actually liked Jamestown better than Williamsburg.
We opted not to buy the $40 passes for Williamsburg,
which worked out just fine for us, since strollers weren't allowed in any of the sites, we didn't have to ditch one person with the stroller and take turns going in.
Also, you can walk all of the historical sites, you just can't enter the buildings or see the special shows. But just seeing everything was nice.
Jamestown was much cheaper than Williamsburg, and you have to pay to get into see anything at Jamestown, but it was also much more interesting to me, and the little dude could enjoy it.
You could walk on the boats at Jamestown (which I didn't do, since I get horrible motion sickness), walk through the Indian Village and the Settlers Village, and tour the Museum.

Of course, we also did some shopping while we were there,
Williamsburg has a huge outlet mall,
and my husband had to stop by Bass Pro and Greentop on the way home (man shopping).
For us the drive was only about 2 hours, so we're hoping to go back to visit Yorktown sometime as well.
We'd also like to go back to Williamsburg to visit some of the museums in the area
(like the historic weapons one).
Interested in visiting??

Map of the Peninsula showing location of Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center

And, amazingly, the little guy rode the entire way down without any issues!

(No, he didn't ride like that. We were in the hotel parking lot.)

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