Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What time is it ...

(Tool time. )

No, it's plant your garden time.
This past weekend my husband, bro-in-law, and dad-in-law worked on building us (me) a raised bed garden. And it's quite nice. Yesterday I put some plants in it, and I have some seeds to start and transplant.  I can't wait to have lots of veggies & fruits growing at home. So healthy, and it will save us so much money. I'm thinking about buying some berry bushes too, if there is space for them.

We have very hard, rocky, red clay soil; so we decided to build a raised bed garden instead.
To build our garden we used 8 3"x3"x8' lawn timbers, some rebar, and 24 bags of top soil.

We picked up some plants and a bunch of seeds.

And I planted.

And I prepared to plant some more.

And, as a bonus, I created a square-foot garden planting chart. You can use it to plan out your garden, and keep track of what is planted where. 

Click to view larger, then save .jpg file to your computer.
I included a 4'x8' lattice on the materials list. This is optional (obviously), depending on what you decide to plant. We didn't pick one up, but, I may do a 2'x8' one, if the cucumbers, melons and squashes do well (give them something to climb).

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