Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Culture Shock

This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary.
So we were able to take a little weekend away, just the two of us, to celebrate, and decided to 'road-trip' to/through Pennsylvania. 
I'll blog about our trip, where we went, what we did, etc ... soon -
But, we had a bit of a 'cultural difference' while we were there.
It's a bit humorous.

We are from Central Virginia. Born and raised.
(Some people try to lump our area into NoVA. No. We are not NoVA. We are Southerners. )
People have told my husband he has an accent, but, we don't hear it. We aren't Deep South y'all, just, not Northern either. Anyway, we couldn't 'hear' any accent when we were in PA, other than noticing we sounded a bit Southern. With words like 'y'all', and all. 

However, they don't have sweet tea. 

We live off sweet tea. It is our water. 
How is sweet tea a 'Southern' thing?
This really surprised us.
And we were at a Chili's, too.
They only serve un-sweet, with little sweetener packets if you need.
Or the sugary Lipton-esk varieties.
Even their blackberry tea is unsweetened. 
Our server ask us how we make tea. And ask if we 'brew our tea down there'?
They just don't drink sweet tea up there. Or even know how to make it, apparently.
(She also ask us if McDonald's sweet tea is what Southern tea is like ... umm, No. No one likes McD's sweet tea, it's gross. And we didn't know what their McD's tea tastes like. Who knows? We did tell her that our McD's use a 4lb bag of sugar per batch of tea, which is insane. )

So - how do you make tea? 
Hot tea I understand, but, are there other ways to make iced tea?
Boil water, steep tea bags, add a ton of sugar and more water, enjoy.
Diabetes optional.

That was a bit of a 'culture shock' for us. Somewhere not serving sweet tea.
I'd never even thought about it. I just assumed all people enjoyed sweet tea.
Or at least that a major restaurant chain like Chili's would be serving it nationwide. 

Do you have sweet tea where you live?
Or any other unique 'area differences'? 

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