Monday, February 17, 2014


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the photo I posted Sunday:


A yummy Qdoba salad :)

The area where I live got hit with a fun little snow storm Wednesday night into Thursday, resulting in about 10" of snow for us, and a 5 day weekend for my husband!
Yay for 5 day weekends!
However, the snow put a damper on our plans for Valentine's Day, not that we really had any big plans anyway...
So we waited and went on a little date-day on Sunday.
We started with a plan for Chipotle for lunch.
We can't go there when we have the little guy (they are very un-child friendly), but they were packed, so we went to the next best place (that I actually like better) - Qdoba :) Yum!
Then we did a little shopping.
I went to the craft store, then we hit Best Buy, and finished our trip with a stop at Gander Mountain.
The traffic was crazy for a Sunday, too.
So that was our big Valentine's Day.
No sappy cards, no flowers and candy, no romantic dinners ...
(Although, I did give my hubby & J3 each a card, and J3 gave daddy a card too)
A practical outing a lunch. Just what I like.
(Oh, and we had enough Qdoba points for a free entree ... so, under $10 for lunch. Bargain. Am I a cheap date, or what!)

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