Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas 2013

Our Family Portrait
Christmas Eve 2013

We had a very fun holiday this year.
We stuck with our tradition of visiting my family for the Christmas Eve,
having Christmas morning at home, then visiting with my in-laws for Christmas afternoon.

The little guy received a train table with wooden trains as his 'big gift' from me and daddy this year. And some other train toys, clothing, food for his kitchen ...
And a lot of toys and goodies from the rest of the family too!

I 'received' my Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas, and a few other goodies I picked out (new coffee mug, scrapbooking items ....) - but my husband surprised me with new charms for my bracelet.  

I had a few charms and beads that I had used to start a mommy bracelet - but he bought me his birthstone, the little guy's birthstone, the house, the love heart, and the mom charms. I put them on my mommy bracelet, to make it a family bracelet, and added a few extra beads to space everything out.
I love it. And, of course I cried a bit. I had just mentioned to him a few nights before that it would be nice to make a family bracelet, with everyone's birthstones and such. He had already thought of the idea and ordered everything (and received and hid) before I said anything to him. 
So sweet.

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