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Making Project Life Work For Me - What is Project Life??

Good Question.
I had no idea until a few months ago, when I saw a blog mention it, then set out to see what it was all about.
Apparently it's been around for a while, I'm just late to the game, like usual.
It started as a way to make traditional scrapbooking easier for busy moms/people, but now has a digital line as well. This means no matter which way you scrapbook, Project Life could work for you. They even have a partnership with Shutterfly to allow you to design a book and have it printed, with a lot of the work already done for you.
"Project Life is the quick and easy way to scrapbook. No techniques, no glue, no stressing over design. It's about simplifying the process of memory-keeping to save you time and hassle. The pieces of this kit are made to work together for your convenience. As you add photos, stories, and memorabilia, you'll grow more keenly aware of life's blessings."
{source Hobby Lobby product description}

Project Life is the most known brand, however, there are many brands out there offering the same and similar products.
..... and more ....
I'm sure there are more, these are some of the more popular brands, and I've seen some of their products in craft stores and Target.

Since Becky Higgins' Project Life is one of the most popular, I will use her graphic to explain it:

For a traditional album, you need an album, a core kit, photo pages, picture prints, & a pen.
 For digital project life you need Photoshop, digital templates, digital cards, & your pictures.
(Plus an album and pages to put the prints in, or a method of binding or printing a book, such as Shutterfly)

What is a core kit?
The core kit is journaling cards, plus different decorative cards, all in a similar theme.
Different brands have different names for them, but they are all the same idea.

{Core Kit / Mini Kit}
"Core Kit Contains:
500 - 3" x 4" Journaling Cards (Filler design printed on the back of each card)
40 Bi-Fold Journaling Cards (When you have more to write)
8 First Page Cards (4 cards are 4" x 6" and 4 cards are 3" x 4")
8 Last Page Cards (4 cards are 4" x 6" and 4 cards are 3" x 4")
60 - 4" x 6" Title Cards (For horizontal or vertical use)"
"Mini Kit contains:
Ten 4" x 6" Title Cards
Ten 4" x 6" Journaling Cards
Eighty 3" x 4" Journaling Cards (40 different designs printed twice)"

{4x6 / 3x4}
There are also coordinating packs of textured cardstock.

I am actually not using Project Life. I am using a big hodge-podge of the brands. Project Life seems like great quality products, I used WeR sleeves, since they were on sale cheaper, and I have been using journal cards from sn@p and WeR. The PL core kit is great for creating a large album with a uniform theme, but I found the core kit is actually just a few designs, with many repeats of the prints in the kit. That wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I want to have many themes through out the album, so I am using downloaded printable cards, smaller kits from the brands, and creating my own with scrapbooking papers. If you'd like some ideas for printables, check out my Pinterest board.

What is the main difference between those brands & products I mentioned?

Digital Project Life is a computer based version of scrapbooking. You'll use Photoshop to create your pages, you can download journal cards & themed cards to place in your layouts, then print those pages to place into your album, or have them printed into a book.

The other 3 brands are a more traditional, yet simpler, type of scrapbooking.
Sn@p is designed for a smaller book, 6x8"; the other two are primarily 12" scrapbooks.
PL & WeR have some very similar layouts, and they each have some unique layouts.
I preferred the variety of layouts from WeR, plus they were on a better sale, which made them better for me to try out. :)
Here are a few of the 12" sleeve designs We R Memory Keepers offers:

{ WeR Variety Pack  / WeR Large Pack}

Does Project Life style scrapbooking sound like something you would like to do?
If so, check back soon! I am working on a post to share how I incorporate digital scrapbooking into my traditional albums. And, I will work on another post showing how I am using this in my albums, with some page examples. 

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