Thursday, October 10, 2013

Printable Flash Cards - ABC & Shapes

We have been working on our colors and animals over here, and the other evening the little guy started talking about circles and hearts. So ... I decided we needed some new flash cards to work on: shapes, and our ABC's. I'm not sure he's excited to use them, but I am! 

You can find the printable cards {here}
The shapes are sized for 4x6" cards, the alphabet cards are 3x4" - so 2 will print on a 4x6" card. 
There are a few options for each - shapes in black or colors, outlined or full shape; and the alphabet in 3 different color schemes. The editable .ppt files are in the powerpoint folder. 

(I'd share some pictures of the cards in use ...
but our printer is out of ink, and I'm too lazy to replace it right now) 

**For Personal / Classroom use only.**

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