Friday, August 16, 2013

Couponing: Groceries & Gear Stock-Up (Aug 14, 2013 Trip)

Details of the deals I got on my Aug 14 trip to Aldi, Target & Staples. 


I do a lot of my grocery shopping at Aldi, since the prices are generally cheaper. However, they don't accept coupons (since they don't carry many "name brand" items).  However, I did get groceries for our family of 3, for 2 weeks, for about $90. (Meats, produce, 3 gallons of whole milk, and more .... I did grab a few coupon deals at Target, since it would be cheaper than Aldi - bread, granola bars, chips ... )


I have a love/hate relationship with Staples. I love getting great deals (free) stuff, but I kinda hate having to shell out the cash up front and wait for the rebate, usually about a month later. If you're able to do this, though, you can get some great deals.
* I grabbed 3 puzzles for my little guy, at regular price, but they were only $1, so not bad.
* The 2 Hammermill papers = $1.00 after rebate/both
(I had a coupon to make one free, the other is $1.00 after rebate)
* The cream colored paper = FREE (Rebate + online coupon)
* Photo paper = Free (Rebate + online coupon)
* Pens = Free (Rebate)
* Avery Dividers = $0.25/each x2
* Staples Notebooks = $0.01/each x6
* Tissue Packs = $0.01/each x6
Once Rebates are received = $4.62 total OOP (before taxes)


Target is one of my favorite deal finding places, since you can stack the Manufacturers coupons & Target coupons (and Cartwheel and Target mobile) you can get some great deals. The one drawback is that Target's online printable coupons are limit 1/person, which can be difficult sometimes. Usually my Targets will take 2 without any problem, but other Targets may enforce the fine print more. {This is 2 coupons, 1/item, but 2 items in the transaction, each using a 'same' coupon}

(I'm just going to share some deals - I did buy diapers, personal items, a birthday gift, other boring stuff ... this week) 

Free folders after coupons, Chips for $1.00/bag after coupons & cartwheel, Juice for $0.58/each after coupons, and Granola bars (bonus packs - 10 bars!!) for $1.50/each after coupon.

Nivea lotion $1.34/each after coupons, Degree men's deodorant $0.97/each after coupons, up&up antacid tablets $0.93 after coupon, Schick Hydro disposable razors $1.04 after coupons & cartwheel (those were originally $8.04 on sale!) . 

My subtotal:  $87.62
Total coupons: $42.58
My subtotal before taxes/after coupons: $45.04
(My receipt didn't print a total savings report or anything this time, possibly because I used cash instead of the Target card)

All together I spent just under $200, including our lunch at chick-fil-a, before I get my Staples rebates back!  

A pretty good coupon haul this week!
Did you do any couponing this week? Find any great bargains or deals?
We'd love to read them - share your blog link below:
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