Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Medical Binders

One of my organizing projects for our family was to make Medical Binders for each of us.
I decided to make a binder for each person, but you could easily make a Family Medical Binder, with sections for each person in your family. Individual binders just work best for our family, and our medical needs.

I used Avery 1.5" Heavy Duty binders for us.
That gives us each plenty of room to expand.
Each person also has their own color binder
(Baby is red, Hubs is Navy, and mine is Purple).

Inside the binder I have a medical contact page.
It has places for emergency contacts, as well as your insurance and doctor information.

You can download the page I used -here-.
She also has tons of other printables, if you're wanting to make a family/household binder.
It makes for a nice 'cover sheet', with all the info in one place for you.
Although, I'm probably going to make a quick cover page in Word, something along the lines of :
This binder belongs to .... If found, please call ... Or turn into the receptionist ...

Behind the Medical Info. page, I have a copy of our insurance 'summary'; what our coverage, deductibles and such are ... I also have copies of our insurance cards.

Medical Binder Tabs
Behind all of that info are the tabs to the binder.
Doctor, Dental, Vision, Payments, Prescriptions, Information & Handouts, Hospital.
I also have a bonus Pregnancy tab in my binder.

Under the Doctor tab, there are sections for each doctor/specialist/practice.
There is also a section for privacy rights & information.

I file the appointment notes under the appropriate doctor.
I also place appointment reminders here too.

Dental Tab - Dentist & Orthodontist
Behind the dental tab are sections for our dentist, and for me a section for the orthodontist.
I place our appointment records in the appropriate section (same as the Dr.)

The Vision tab is set up the same way.

Under the payments tab I file the bills or receipts we get from our doctors.
In the front I keep a printout to log our payments to the doctors, just for our records.
{You can download it here}
I opted not to keep this in our Budget binder, but you could include it in either, or both, places.
Also, I file our health insurance statements in a separate binder, so this section is only for the actual doctor's bills & receipts.

Next is the prescriptions tab. Here is where I file copies of any written scripts we receive, before we get them filled (We use a mail-pharmacy for our long term prescriptions). I also file all of the drug inserts from the prescriptions here (you know, the papers on the bag from CVS that tell you side effects, not to drive when you take it, it could make you see triple...).
I find it handy to have them organized in one place for each person.
I can look back to see when we last got something filled, or I can reference the drug facts sheet for possible side effects, drug interactions, etc...

Hospital Tabs - Procedures & ER
The hospital tab is a special section just for those surgeries, procedures, and ER trips.
They tend to be bigger than a regular doctor visit, so I thought they should have their own special place.

Handouts and information tucked into the back pockets.
The back pocket is just used for handouts and things.
Here is a poison control flyer and a printout of recommended vaccines.

In my binder I have a special tab:
A pregnancy tab.

Pregnancy Categories
I have 3 categories right now : Pre-pregnancy, General Info, and Baby 1 (since I have 1 child so far).

Pre-pregnancy information.
In the pre-pregnancy section I just have some information I had found about taking care of yourself & body before getting pregnant, things to consider while you're trying, etc...

The general info section just has handouts that could pertain to any pregnancy:
safe drugs to take, stretches for your body, vitamins and minerals you need in pregnancy, foods to avoid, etc...

The last section(s) are specific to each pregnancy:

I have copies of my ultrasound pictures, my notes from each office visit, my labor plan, my notes/reflections about my labor, as well as my hospital discharge papers and the medical bills.

The binders, neatly stored on my desk in our office. 

The one thing I don't have, that I would like to go back to include is a full Family Medical History.
This would be a great reference piece when ever you change doctors/practices, as well as just great information to have on hand.

Also, I plan to use our medical binders long term.
Ex: My son will use his for life (I hope).
Yearly I will go through the payments, prescriptions, etc... to clear out what is no longer needed.
I hope these will serve us well, and give us a good comprehensive medical overview.
I don't have a lot of medical records from my childhood, so I want to be sure my son/children have everything, nice and neatly organized, in case they ever need it.
(Although I'm sure everything will end up going digital in the next 10 years anyway...)

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