Friday, November 2, 2012

Necktie Baby Onesie (Tutorial)

Have you seen the baby onesies with the cute little neckties? 
Or the suspenders?

There are billions of cute, crafty things to make for little girls (bows, tutus, dresses, purses, dolls ....), but finding crafts for little guys is limited. I don't really know why. I guess plush tools don't serve much purpose to a little boy, so what else is there?

I like making things for my son to play with and enjoy.
So when I saw the necktie onesies, I knew I had to make him one.
(I can't remember where I first saw them, probably etsy or pinterest, yet, I can't find them on any of my pin boards ...)
How perfect for the upcoming holidays.
Baby-proofed super cuteness, yes please! 

And, they are actually pretty easy to make.

Now, it's helpful if you have some knowledge of pattern reading/making and have some experience sewing and doing light applique work, but if you don't, it's ok, I'll try to explain everything as I go.
(And if you have any questions, please ask ...)

First, you're going to need to download the necktie pattern.
{Download Here - It's the Necktie Bodysuit-Onesie Pattern}
And, disregard my notes about add seam allowance, the black outline is the tie, the colored outline around it is your seam allowance line.
{Also, you can adapt the pattern I made to work for bigger/smaller sizes. I'll post about that at the end...}
~ I recommend printing the pattern on card stock, for durability ~ 

You're going to need a plain onesie/bodysuit or shirt,
scrap material (apx. 6"x12" - depending on pattern),
sewing machine,
coordinating thread
(thread and bobbin for material, and bobbin for onesie/shirt),
marking pen
(or a pencil, washable pen...)
{Iron (warm)}

*(I was using a different pattern to make this. Actually, I was using my pre-pattern. I made the pattern above just for you. Using the included pattern will be easier, it's 2 pieces instead of 1. Just be aware that I'm using a slightly different pattern)*
Here's me making the pattern for you:
(I'll be using the blue necktie as my pattern here)

First - if you sew using the seam allowance, cut your pattern accordingly (colored lines).
If you sew single piece (and cut after sewing), you won't be using the seam allowance, you will cut on the black line.
{this is the method I'm using first, I will post a 2nd tie tutorial (at the end) for sewing with seam allowance}.

Single piece method (sew then cut)
 You should have 2 pattern pieces, a long tie piece, and a small 'knot' piece. 
(These were cut on the black line)
We're going to sew the long part first.

Fold your material over itself, front to front (folded side doesn't matter, just be sure your pattern is running the direction you want). Place your pattern piece to be sure it fits. You should have a double layer of material for your tie. 

If the placement is good, pin your material and pattern piece in place. 
Now trace around the pattern.

Sew around the 4 sides of the tie using a tight straight stitch.
(You will be sewing the 2 long sides, and the 2 small sides into the point. DO NOT sew the top, where the 'knot' connects. Leave that open, to be your opening for turning.) 
(Still with me ?....)

Now cut your tie piece out, leaving a small seam allowance (1/8 to 1/4")

Ta-da! Piece 1, complete.

Now you're going to repeat the above steps for the knot part.
Fold your fabric over, front side to front side, pin on your pattern piece, trace, remove, and sew.
For this piece you will be leaving the bottom of the knot open.

Once you've sewn the piece, cut it out leaving a small seam allowance.

Carefully flip your pieces right side out.
(You may need to use a needle to pick your corners out)

Iron or finger press them flat.

Do a double top stitch to close the top of the long piece of your tie.
(Top stitch, turn around, top stitch back)

Then top stitch the rest of the piece.
(There will be 3 stitch passes over the top part)

Now tuck the ends under on the knot piece, so you have a clean edge.

And tuck your long piece into the knot piece.

Top stitch the knot to the tie.

A single pass, double stitching the ends is fine.
(I did a very tight stitch here)

Now pin your tie to the shirt. You may have to fold the top in a little bit so it fits the contour of the shirt.
Just go slow, and pin as you need.
Then, secure the knot part to the shirt.
I did a tight stitch at the very top of the tie, then did a larger top stitch around the rest.
Remember - You are only top stitching the knot down. Not the entire tie.
Make sure when you are top stitching at the bottom of the knot, where the 2 pieces join, that you are sewing both pieces down with your stitch (ie, sewing over where we joined them).
 (If you are worried about the tie staying put, you could use a bit of fuse web, or fabric glue between the knot & shirt, before sewing)

Ta-da. Finished necktie onesie. 


Multi-piece method (using seam allowance):
When using 2 different materials.
On the pattern, you will be using the seam allowance, so cut on that line.

You will need the same supplies as above.

Your pattern and 2 pieces of material.

Place material with 'front sides' together.

Check to be sure your pattern will fit both pieces ...


Pin on your pattern pieces and cut out.

Pin your pieces together.

Sew your pieces together, right sides together.
On my machine, the edge of the foot is 1/4" seam.

Sew together leaving the bottom of the knot, and the top of the long tie piece are open (like directions above).

Top stitch the tie, connect your pieces and stitch to your onesie or shirt as directed above.


Re-sizing Patterns:

If you find that the 2 sizes do not work for you
( I included an apx. 12 mo. and 6-9 mo. pattern)
feel free to re-size them.

There are a few ways you can do this:
One would be to print the pdf pattern, and cut the tie larger or smaller to fit your needs.
You could also use the 'Original' .jpg file, and print it at a different page scaling or size, to fit your needs.
(For reference, I printed the original tie shape at a 5x7 size for the 12 mo. pattern, and re-sized it down a bit for the 6-9 mo. )
The Original Necktie Pattern can be found [here].

{If you just plain don't like my tie, I just searched google for necktie clipart ..... and from there you can make your own pattern.}

** I would love to say, personal use only, but, since I got the original tie clipart off google, it's anyone's domain. Feel free to use the pattern to make as many as you like, and do with them whatever you like. Please - Do not take my exact pattern copy and sell or promote as your own. Thanks **

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