Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Craft - Easy Outdoor Tree

Ok, first, Yes, I am still working on my 30 Days of Thankful.
Second, let me have a moment here
{*gasp* *ugh* *barf* *uuuuhhh*}

Yeah, I'm going to do a Christmas post.
Before Turkey Day.
Sue me. 

I seriously just complained about my neighbor putting up christmas lights.
So, here ya go!
I just want you to have a craft in mind when you're doing your Black Friday power shopping.
(and, by black friday, I mean black thursday...)

An easy outdoor christmas tree. 
I can't take credit for this idea, it was on pinterest, like so many other great ideas.

Please disregard the over abundance of junk around our home. 

You'll need a tomato cage, garland, and some yarn/tread/garden ties, etc...

I needed 4 strands of garland total (60 ft. total), but I may add a 5th strand, to fill it out a bit more (it's looking a little Charlie Brown-ish).
I also plan to add a strand of lights around it, and a few ornaments, just for some color.
I think it will look nice out on our porch or in the front flower bed.

I already 'borrowed' the tomato cage, and the garland was $1 each (from the dollar tree), plus anything for ornaments, lights, etc ... 
So I've only spent $5. yay!
(I already have lights and such)

Also, if you live in my area, C-pep goodwill had a bunch of tomato cages when I was there Friday ...

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